Yeah, Okay, We GOT It…

Why, oh why, do the Creators like to tease us? Teasing is not nice. And teasing isn’t smart. If you tease a bull, they’ll kill you.

If you tease me, I’ll throw a paper airplane at you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Your number 1 album

One of the new features that will be coming with Poptropica Friends is the photo album. It’s like your own virtual scrapbook of your adventures through Poptropica!
By playing through Islands, you’ll occasionally see a message that says “New Photo Added” when you get to an important part of the story. Then, when you visit your photo album, you’ll see snapshots showing you a new perspective of your character’s feats. Every Island has about four different photos. There are over 100 in total!
Even better: every time you earn a new photo, the outfit you were wearing at the time is recorded in the picture. Even if you change clothes, you can costumize from your photos later!
Wait, there’s more! If you’re looking through a friend’s photo album, you can costumize off of them, too. It’s like the number of possible costumes just went to infinity!
avatar image
I see teasing, until that little statement right there…
If you’re looking through a friend’s photo album, you can costumize off of them, too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One week until Twisted Thicket is available to everyone!

Just one week to go until Twisted Thicket becomes available to everyone next Wednesday, May 2. Get ready for a dark and twisted adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen on Poptropica!
But don’t forget: only Members can get the Twisted Thicket gear pack in the Poptropica Store, and the special Lumberjerk costume will be gone as soon as Twisted Thicket becomes available to the public! So don’t delay — get Membership today!
avatar image
You tease nonmembers, Creators. And I have a lot of nonmember friends. THIS MEANS WAR!
Get your paper airplanes ready, everyone. We are going to demand justice! *makes paper airplane and throws at Creator Headquarters. Halfway there, the paper airplane falls apart*
Well, it’s a start.

28 thoughts on “Yeah, Okay, We GOT It…

  1. I wonder if we could customize off of the creators by doing this, because we know their usernames. Just a thought!!!! There is a way to play Twisted Thicket without membership.

  2. *makes paper airplane and adds bombs and stuff* Lets see what this baby can do!! *throws airplane and it explodes in midair 2 feet away from me* Eh. Worth a shot. *dresses as Robina Hood* Lets show the Bearators what we’re made of!! *starts shooting arrows at Bearators HQ*

  3. hmmm *makes paper airplane and adds Enemy: Bearators HQ* *throws* *pointy end pops out* come on come on…. *airplane turns into dinasaur* YES YES YES!!!! *dinosaur stomps on bearators HQ* 😀

  4. dont want to sound like the stupid one but if we r already done with an island will the pictures from that island just automatically go into the album or will we have 2 redo the whole island?

  5. REVENGE!!!!!!!!!! POPTROPICA WORLD WAR IS HERE! READY OR NOT! Sorry bout all caps, did`nt relize caps lock was on. But still, looks like Poptropica World War 1 is apoun us! :War nerd:

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