Coincidence much?

The post is not really related to Poptropica, but it is related to something here.

Okay, so I got this young adult novel, called The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade. And I read the whole thing yesterday.

The Ghost and the Goth (Ghost and the Goth Series #1)

(Note: This book was released in 2010)

In the book, there’s this prissy cheerleader captain named Alona Dare who has a cheerleading co-captain friend named Misty Evans. While Alona was texting her friend, she accidentally walked into the middle of the street and got killed by a bus full of band members.

Alona wakes up in the middle of the street as a ghost. So she figured she check out her funeral and some other stuff. When she checked on her friend Misty, she finds out that she and ALONA’S boyfriend were kissing.

Meanwhile, there’s this goth kid named Will Killan who has the ability to see the dead. An ability he hates. First of all, a variety of ghosts from different times in history keep on bugging him to do favors for them, all at the same time. Secondly, there’s this violent new ghost (identified by only a black cloud) who wants Will dead.

When the two cross paths, Alona wants answers from Will about what’s going on with her. Will just wants to be left alone.

There’s Lily, one of Will’s friends, who’s in the hospital in serious condition after a car accident. Then, there’s Joonie, a friend who’s willing to do anything to bring her brain-dead friend back to her body, especially if it means not knowingly summoning the evil black cloud ghost instead of Lily.

Eventually, the two get kind of used to each other, and they try to stop Joonie from not knowingly summoning the black cloud again when she only meant to get Lily. Besides, she couldn’t tell she was summoning an evil ghost cloud because Will is the only member of the living we know of right now who can actually see and interact with them.

Wow. That kind of thing definately sounds familiar. Well, one aspect from Will’s point of view, and a bunch from Alona’s point of view.

(Note: If you want to buy this book, it’s a young adult novel and has a bunch of bad language in it)

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12 thoughts on “Coincidence much?

  1. oh and look. in the cover she also wears a red cheerleader outfit. i think. but coincidence much.

  2. Hey BT!! How was the first book? I have the second one but could’t find the first. I’m going to get the first first then read the second after. but i just wanted to know how the first one was.

  3. Does young adult count as 11 and older? Cause I`m hooked! BTW, Have you ever read 13 Treasures? Its kind of like this only instead of a girl who dies ( as far as I know, I`m not done reading yet) its a fairy so far and instead of a boy who see`s ghosts, its a girl who see`s fairies. And they always mess around with her. With the bad languege thing, once I read a book and it had stuff I don`t think we need to know about yet and two bad words. Maby I should stay in the kids section at the library.

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