Careful Now, Don’t Get Lost!

I just made a really bad typo. I typed “Ger” for “Get”. 😀

So, the Bearators (The Creators are most definitely bears: why else would they release Twisted Thicket? :O Maybe they live in a twisted thicket.) have released the map from Twisted Thicket. At first thought, I wondered, “Hey, aren’t we supposed to, like, get lost in the thicket…? No…? Well, why am I complaining?”, but then I realized that there’s really no reason to question them for why they put the map. The answer is, and always will be, because they felt like it. Nothing we can do ’bout that. My typing gets worse every day. Every time I’ve said “they” in this post, I’ve written “thy”. *sigh*


So, how’s that for a map? Very explanatory, if you ask me. I mean, you can see a bunch if question marks… Gee, I’m excited!

Well, honestly, now that I’m thinking, today is Wednesday. So tomorrow’s Thursday! :O *major “Aha!” moment* Twisted Thicket comes out tomorrow? D: But I have homework tomorrow… Oh well. I have priorities. Number one priority is… schoolwork Poptropica! My homework can wait till Friday, it’s not as important. 😀

So, member Poptropicans, just because I’ll fail this semester, doesn’t mean you should! Do your homework, then play Twisted Thicket!

~Super Thunder


10 thoughts on “Careful Now, Don’t Get Lost!

  1. Bad girl, ST, you know better than to play games before you finish your home work if you get a F I’ll ground you from going on the computer for a year.I was imagining what your parents would say if they found out.You might wanna do the work first…just saying…♪♪♪

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