YAY! The New Feature Has Been Announced So Now I Don’t Have To Wait Forever and Ever and Ever!

Edit: I was too excited when I wrote this post.  I messed some stuff up.  So there are a few edits below.  (I really need to learn to read a post and make sure I have it right before I publish it.  Sorry guys!)

Sorry the title’s so long.  I’m just really excited right now!

So, anyway, yesterday the Creators did a post that they were going to announce something new in Poptropica today.  Here’s the post so that you actually understand what I mean by that:

Edit: I put the wrong post here, so here’s the post that I meant to put here:

Stay tuned…

We’ve got some exciting news to share with all of our Poptropican Friends! Only… it’s not quite ready to show off yet.

So here’s the deal: check back in with the Poptropica Creators’ blog tomorrow for the big announcement. Until then, feel free to speculate!

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So here’s the post that the Creators did today, announcing the new features:

(Edit ends here)

Announcing Poptropica Friends!

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that’s coming soon to Poptropica: Friends!

Soon you’ll be able to make friends with the people you meet in Poptropica! You can follow their adventures in the game, and show off your own accomplishments. You’ll create a unique personality profile to share with the world. When you play through Islands, you’ll earn photos that mark your achievements in the game. Members will have access to a costume closet that lets you store as many as 30 individual costumes!

You’ll find all this and more with Poptropica friends. Keep an eye out here for more information, including when you can start using these new features!

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Oh my goodness, I’m going to probably have like a thousand friends!  You know, it would be really embarrassing if I said that and then I ended up with only one or two friends.  And that’s even more embarrassing now that I think about it, cause that’s probably what’s going to happen.  Sorry, I know I’m probably not making any sense right now.  That’s what being excited does to me.

There’s only one thing I don’t like about this.  That’s that the Costume Closet will only be for members.  And I know this sounds crazy, but that actually makes me want to get membership now.  Even more than having early release for islands.  Crazy, right?

Second Edit: I realized that I’ll still have to wait forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever to find out when we can use the new features and to actually begin using them.

Third and Last Edit: Just want to say sorry for messing the post up.  I know I probably seem stupid right now.  Like I said, I need to learn to actually read a post before I publish it.  Sorry, peeps!

Edit: Okay, so I lied.  The edit before this one wasn’t the last edit, after all.  But, this is really important.  So, in the comments, stupidninjas pointed out two things to me.  The first thing is that, in the part of the video where the person is typing in a friend’s username, the username is “MonsterCarnival2012”.  Here’s a picture, I circled the username in red:

The second thing that stupidninjas pointed out was that maybe the username is a hint that Monster Carnival Island is going to be released this year!  That would be so awesome if that’s true!  After years and years and years of waiting it finally comes out!  YAY!  Okay, don’t get your hopes up like I just did, because it might just be a coincidence.  But, still, it might not be a coincidence.  You never know!  Oh, and thanks for pointing that out, stupidninjas!

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23 thoughts on “YAY! The New Feature Has Been Announced So Now I Don’t Have To Wait Forever and Ever and Ever!

  1. Did you notice that the username they used was “MonsterCarnival2012?” Maybe that’s more than just a username… Maybe it’s a clue as to when Monster Carnival will be released! If it isn’t,it’s a PRETTY uncanny reference.

      • :O MAYBE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

        The Creators (they werent bears then) were going to do it when Poptropica was first created, but then they didn’t.

  2. I am a big fan like everyone else. But hey, I’m not in love with this website. And why is my profile picture like this?

    Super Thunder: You must not have a Gravatar.

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