The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 27- Revelations

Brave Tomato: Hey guys…

Audience Member: Finally, an actual written episode!

Brave Tomato: Well, last time we saw Curious Bee and the group, they arrived at Cryptids Island, where they met a girl named Mirabel Powers, who knows a lot about REd. Now, we should start the show!

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: Wow, this place seems nice and peaceful. I haven’t really paid much attention to the surroundings.

Quiet Snake: Except for the fact that the general store is overpriced.

Curious Bee: Besides, I wonder why this island is named Cryptids.

Blue Skull: This part of the island, even the western side, is very peaceful. However, on the east side, there are a bunch of rich mansions and stuff. And some of the owners are pretty snobby.

Bendy Tornado: From here, people travel all around the world to do one thing: find evidence of the existence of Cryptids, like Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster.

Curious Bee: There’s no such thing as those. Why go through all this trouble?

Blue Skull: *sighs* For a million dollar prize.

Sasha: Of course it’s going to be for money.

Blue Skull: Especially when it’s being hosted by the MewsCorp. Harold Mews, the founder, lives on this island and is the giver of the million dollar prize. He’s a billionaire and lives in the biggest mansion in the island. He even has his own website.

Curious Bee: Oh, I think I was on that website once. His autobiography is pretty… lengthy.

Quiet Snake: Come on, 4 paragraphs are not lengthy.

Curious Bee: Maybe I just had a fuzzy memory of it.

Bendy Tornado: Well, lots of people leave here through… sometimes odd measures. Some of them take hang gliders, boats, someone even attached balloons to a lawn chair.

Curious Bee: I know that some people are snobby and weirdos, but why wasn’t I allowed here originally?

Bendy Tornado: Maybe the houses are just so expensive.

?: Look out below!

*The CB group and turns to see a boy falling on a bike. There are popped balloons attached to the bike. The boy lands on Main Street, and everybody watched.*

Boy: Oww…

Curious Bee: You okay? That seems like some fall.

Boy: I’m okay. Just a few bruises.

Bendy Tornado: What happened?

Boy: I was trying to travel my balloon bound bike all around the world to find evidence of the cryptids, when all of a sudden, this pink and white helicopter came out of nowhere. A girl came out, said, “How cute, a flying bicycle! Well, guess what? I’m going to get the money!” and she threw DARTS at my balloons. So I fell.

Man: *sigh* Must be ANOTHER Gretchen Grimlock incident. Don’t worry, kid. We’ll get an ambulance.

Blue Skull: Gretchen Grimlock? AGAIN?

Curious Bee: Who?

Blue Skull: Well, I used to live here before I moved to Time Tangled Island, so I know a lot about this island. Gretchen is this really mean fortune hunter who lies, cheats, and steals to get what she really wants: ka-ching, money. She often attacks travelers. She sets fires to kites and gliders. And she throws sharp things at balloons and blimps. Also, she interferes with helicopter transmissions to find out your location.

Sasha: Yikes, she sound likes someone really annoying.

Curious Bee: I think it’s about time to get back on the blimp. We can’t stay in places for too long.

Bendy Tornado: Agreed.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, we should go.

*CB and the group head back on the blimp*

Curious Bee: So… what island to go to next?

Quiet Snake: I dunno. *looks at Bendy Tornado* You’re the one with the map.

Sasha: In the meantime, I’ll let the blimp go. *unties rope and gets back on the blimp*

*Mira runs over and hangs from the bottom*

Mira: Guys!

Bendy Tornado: Mira?

Quiet Snake: Whaddaya doin down there?

Mira: I just got back from headquarters of REd. *climbs up rope* They have someone as prisoner!

Blue Skull: Who?!

Mira: I dunno exactly her name. I was only able to catch her middle name.

Curious Bee: What’s her name? What did she look like?

Mira: Well, she has long black hair in a headband and tanish skin. And she was wearing a purple and pink top with a purple skirt. And her middle name is…


Group: *gasp* NICE SWORD!

Bendy Tornado: Why would they take her?

Mira: I don’t know. She seemed very scared. She has no idea who these people are. All that she knows is that they kidnapped her and took her as prisoner. Your friend has no idea that she’s been taken because she was affilated with you in a way.

Blue Skull: I guess that makes sense.

Curious Bee: *grimly* Maybe Krimson wanted to kidnap Nice Sword… to lure us. She knows that we were friends with her, and we would go to her if she’s in trouble.

Quiet Snake: Whatever the reason is, we need to go to her!

Mira: Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses! Are you sure? This is going to be really dangerous. Krimson and the other members of REd are powerful with their element.

Curious Bee: If it was for anyone we care for, we would do anything. Even if it means I die.

Bendy Tornado: CB, don’t say that! We need to keep you alive! If you die and Sasha gets pulled into REd, then Poptropica is DOOMED.

Mira: I know the way to the headquarters… but it’s going to be quite a journey since you can’t exactly teleport, well, except for Sasha.

Sasha: Agreed.

Quiet Snake: Gabriella, we are coming!

Blue Skull: I’m in.

Bendy Tornado: Where do we go?

Curious Bee: I’m willing to do anything to save her.

Mira: Well, it looks like you’re willing to take the challenge. Alright. First we have to go to a certain island. Let’s go.

Curious Bee: Where are we going?

Mira: It’s not one of the main islands. I’ll point you all in the directions.

*meanwhile in Cryptids*

Cameron: Drats! They left without us!

Marcus: They didn’t even know we were there anyways.

Cameron: Of course they knew. The vines from the water?

Marcus: Well, that’s true, and by the way, another one of YOUR plans failed.

Cameron: Don’t rub it in.

Marcus: Well, we haven’t gone with any of MY plans yet. They were all about you.

Cameron: Because you’re even worse at making plans than I am![

Marcus: Give me a chance, okay?!

*on the other side of the island*

Violet: Who’s that with them?! Is that…? No, it cannot be. But it has to be… Selena Castheart. I’ve found her! Oh, wait until Krimson hears about this. She’ll have two orange girls to choose from! *disappears*

*Violet arrives at HQ. Krimson is there, looking away*

Krimson: Ah, Violet. Have you brought them?

Violet: Not exactly. They’re actually coming here.

Krimson: Good. That’s exactly what I want. *realizes* Wait, how do they know the way?!

Violet: They have someone else with them. It’s Selena. She returns!

Krimson: That traitor?! Why is she bothering to return?

Violet: She’s assisting the Miranda Bee group. Guiding them to us.

Nice Sword: Curious Bee! Please! Don’t come here! It’s a trap!

Krimson: You know they can’t hear you, Gabriella. There’s no use in shouting.

Nice Sword: I’m not heard, but I did speak. You’re not getting away with this.

Krimson: Watch me. Once that foolish traitor leads them to us, I can easily kill her. Because she would do anything to save her precious friends. *walks away*

Nice Sword: *breaks down* Curious Bee…. no. Leave me to rot here. Leave me to die. Leave me to have my ghost come out. Just… don’t come here. Please. Leave me to starve.

*Callie enters from around the corner. For a second, Nice Sword was scared it was Curious Bee.*

Callie: Gabriella.

Nice Sword: Who are you?

Callie: I’m Callie. And I’m here to help you.

Nice Sword: How did you get here?

Callie: Well, instinct. Your friend has helped me in the past. I am willing to help her in any way.

Nice Sword: How?

Callie: She returned me something that I missed so much. *takes out a mirror* This.

Nice Sword: Huh…? Curious Bee mentioned returning a mirror to…

Callie: *smiles* Exactly.

Nice Sword: No way.

Callie: Yes way. I gave Quiet Snake advice that brought Curious Bee and Bendy Tornado back together. And I also saved the group when they were in Steamworks, trapped in vines. I really need to lay down the fighter girl stuff. That’s not me.

Nice Sword: All for a mirror? Well, I can see why.

Callie: Let’s keep this a little secret between us, alright?

Nice Sword: Alright.

Callie: I’ll be back soon. *disappears in roses*

Nice Sword: …Aphrodite…

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: See? The little things tend to get very important later on in the story. Even if the episode was released over a year ago. Well, tune in next time! *walks away*

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13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 27- Revelations

  1. I should of known! Callie was Aphrodite! She’s maybe untouchable by REd! It makes sense by the looks. Can’t wait for Ep. 28!

  2. Awesome story, BT! 😀
    I didn’t know Callie was Aphrodite.
    And the mirror and the roses give a big hint hint to Nice Sword. 😛
    Still, awesome story!!!

  3. I had no idea she was Aphrodite! 😮 I mean, she looked familliar, but I couldn’t remember who it was. 😮

  4. BT!!! I NEED YOU TO SIGN MY GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m serious, actually :P. Just say yes or no :P.)

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