Thinking ‘Bout Food

More evidence that the Creators are most definitely bears.  Apparently all they can think about is food.  First, they added the three pie costumes for Pi Day.  That is sort of understandable.  I mean, I knew about Pi Day.  But the new costume they’ve added.  Well…I’m not so sure about this one.

The new costume is…a waffle.  Even more pathetic than pie.  Not saying that I don’t like waffles or anything, because I love them.  It just is sort of a rotten costume, that’s all.

The waffle was added for something called “International Waffle Day”, or at least that’s what it says on the costume’s item card.  Up until this moment, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as International Waffle Day.  Maybe it’s something the Creators just made up.  Or maybe it’s actually a huge holiday that somehow I missed out on hearing about.  Either way would make sense.

So, here’s what the costume looks like:

So, I’m sure I know what you’re thinking: Oh boy!  This costume has got to be free, since the Creators made the three pie costumes all cost 75 credits each!  But alas, no.  This costume costs 75 credits, just like the pie costumes.  When it gets to where you can’t even dress up like food for free, well…well…I don’t know what well.  Or is it well what?  Either way, I’m sure I have you plenty confused now.  So I think I leave you to ponder what on earth International Waffle Day is.


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35 thoughts on “Thinking ‘Bout Food

  1. There actually is international waffle day. It is on March 25, originated in Sweden where it’s called Våffeldagen, notably on the day when Jibril(Gabriel) told Mary that she was going to give to the prophet Isa (Jesus) as it progressed, it celebrated the start of spring and chores for spring, notably the making of waffles. Whew!

    • And on Janurary 26th (I think it’s the 26th…) it’s Peanut Butter Day. They should’ve made a costume for that :mad:.

  2. The creators are definitely bears!You know why?Because they give only 50 credits when you finish an island!They save up the last 50 credits to buy all these food!And I hate it!*explodes*

  3. I like waffles. But, the Bearators kinda make me mad because they made waffles sound like they cost $75 per waffle. :/ If that was true, I would stomp on whoever created the waffle. And, why do boys get squares and girls get circles? I rather be a Belgian waffle*. They have strawberries and whip cream on top. Maybe they think girls are never ending, like circles. :/ And they think boys are square**. Oh well. Nice post, IC! ^^
    *Belgian waffles are square.
    **Square means boring, dull, etc.


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