Blue’s Fate, Chapter 4: A timed Fate

Ana: It’s about time I get on with the storyline…. heheeheheh….. *smiles evily*

“Director, Director!” An agent screamed, while running up the stairs in Spy Island HQ.
“WHAT IS IT, AGENT TWO !?” An  annoyed voice yelled back.
“I…I saw a girl outside! And it looked like ‘Singer…..  You know, the old boss? Very rude though. When I asked her if she was really dead, sh-she just laughed and said she was a ghost comming back to haunt us, then made a face and ran off with some boy!” Agent 2 said.
“She’s a liar!” The annoyed voice growled back.
“So what do we do with her, boss?” Agent 2 said reculantly.
“We wait. IF she has managed to survive with agents on the lookout for her, she wont be surviving for long….The fact that she’s right under our nose right now, goofing around with some GUY is unnacceptable!” The annoyed voice screeched, even more annoyed now.
“Okay, boss.” Agent 2 said with a sigh.

Blue ran and ran until she stopped at a fake glasses store.
Panting, Jake caught up with her and leaned on a nearby trash can.
The Earth started to rumble, and the two fell underground, and saw the Earth close up above them. “Perfect timing!” Blue yelled happily. Jake nodded hesitantly.
“Okay, so from now on, keep in mind that we’ve gone rouge- everyone and everything in our way we either can somehow avoid, or get rid of. We leave no fingerprints, no records. We may fight for justice as long as it’s under the radar…. I can’t allow either of us to be wrongly accused of anything, ANYTHING.. Got it!?” Blue lectured Jake.
Jake sighed. “Why is this my problem, and why do we have to stay under the radar?”.
“Look, dude. An agent SAW US. As in saw ME walking with YOU. If they see you, they suppose we’re in cahoots and…..I dunno….Torture you!?” Blue said, first at a normal tone, then at a sinister sounding whisper.
Jake gulped.
“Okay, moving on.” Blue said, taking Jake’s hand and leading him through the darkness. Eventually there was a tunnel, with two choices and one had light- but Blue went the other way. She kept walking with Jake until she reached a dead end, where she then punched some numbers and a door opened up. Blue and Jake ran inside the next passage, just as the door began to close. They found a ladder and climbed up, straight to a strange place Jake had never heard about..
There was a huge tree 
 with red flowers blooming around i
t. The sky was a dark blue, and the green grass billowing in the would go up to your ankles. Not too far away was a dark brown wooden flagpole with a black flag which said “Time” in grey letters.

“See this place? This is our safe place, at least for now. I found an old portal generator a while back when I was still an Agent..It usually does only one place once. He’re we are safe…For now, I suppose…” Blue said, with a sad tone in her voice.
“But where IS this!?” Jake said impatiently.
“I guess we’ll figure out in due time.” Blue said with a shrug, and a green amulet  with a gold symbol popped up around her neck. Blue saw it and her eyes widened. She could see it now, see that fateful day once more in her mind……..

 It was Spring in Astro Knights Island, and a great day for Blue.
It was her 10th birthday- on Saint Patrick’s Day!
“Come on, make a wish! 😉 ” Blue’s mother said.
Blue nodded, and closed her eyes. She blew out all the candles on her cake, thinking to herself “I wish I were lucky”. She opened her eyes, and realized people were already eating cake. She saw herself eating cake….. No, this wasn’t right!
“All luck comes  with a price, Miss.” A tired voice said. Blue turned around, and saw an old man. “What do you mean, sir?” Blue asked innocently. 
The old man coughed, showing his blackened teeth, and put his crooked left hand on Blue’s right shoulder.  “You have a bright future, but not here… Leave, leave while ye can…  But I know ye wont be doin’ that just this moment….. So ‘eres some advice you’d best follow instead.. Ye may only Succeed after ye’d have fallen..Remember that..” The old man said, and coughed again. “Sir, are you okay!?” Blue exclaimed.
“Yes, I’m fine….Now cheer up, it be yer birthday! ‘Eres a little luck you’d best be takin’..” The old man said, more cheerfully, and put a bright green amulet over Blue’s head, and walked off. Blue looked back at herself, the other her, and it looked her straight in the eyes. “You’re not me.” Blue said, shuddering, and ran off towards her house. She spent the night in her backyard, staring at the sky, suddenly saddened for some reason.
The very next day in the paper which got thrown into the yard, it said Blue’s grandfather had passed away, and the princess had taken ill. Also, a new thing- a magical gun- had been invented. Blue automatically clutched her necklace, stood up, and ran over to her house.It soon caught fire, but then the fire dissappeared- and she was suddenly inside the house. She looked outside the window, trying to find the place where she had just stood seconds ago, but there was no one. She  still had her necklace, though.  She looked around for damage- no damage from any fire…… The police came running inside yelling Blue was being hanged for promoting Anarchy, and killing the princess with poison! 
Later, just as Blue went up to be hanged, an old man in the crowd started yelling “WHY ARE YOU HANGING A CHILD!?”. Blue saw her parents weeping in the crowd, and a bunch of people yelling for justice, not murder. “What evidence do they have against me anyways?” Blue asked the executioner, genuinely confused.
“Banned, banned from this country..” A droning voice which Blue realised to be the King’s mumbled. “Banned, banned forever.” 
Blue flinched- this was madness! And all of the sudden, she was in spy Island, in 2012, not Astro Knights in 1790- being given the certificate of Official Poptropican Citezenship.
How old was she again? This was not her time….
This was not her.
Was it?

“Not enough time to explain, but you’re not from here. Starting from here you will be a hero for all places, from all times- you will be THE hero, if the stories are true. But you do not have much time. And yet you do. Although you only truly have me, the luck. “ A voice told Blue. She looked at her Amulet, it was glowing neon green…. And then…. It was gone.
“Changed my mind, I know exactly where this is. This is my true Home Island.” Blue said, matter-o-factly. “What!? I thought you were from Astro Knights! This isn’t there…Is it?” Jake said, worriedly. “It isn’t now…and I don’t think it will be…. But I have a feeling this is home..And we’re running out of time!” Blue yelled.
A wind started swirling, blowing the leaves, and  Jake got lifted up in the air.
Blue ignored him, and approached the Flagpole with the black Time Flag.
Home….. “Is this my true origin? I think it is…hence it’s my fate? Huh. Does this flag mean it’s Timed?  A timed fate?” Blue wondered aloud, almost smiling, then noticed the Amulet was gone again.

She closed her eyes, and saw herself asleep on the sidewalk.“Five hours from now..” The voice who had spoken to Blue once before said gently. Blue winced.  “Five hours from now, I wont be asleep will I? I’ll be dead..”
“But you can always die a hero, one far from unsung……” 


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