Our Mini Adventures! :D, part 2

*this post is pretty long, here’s a more button*

Update: Just to inform you, most credit goes to Quick Sponge and Happy Rider.

WW: Here we are! Let’s hope that the Creators don’t catch some of you.

WS: What?

WW: Well, we’re going throught the WHOLE island, and um, some of you aren’t members..

The Rest (the aren’t members): *facepalm*

WW: We’ll find another member to help us! I’ll shrink WS and put 2 in my back-pack and the other 2 in the other person’s back-pack! Easy as pie! 😀

(Just to let you guys know, CT isn’t a member!)

WS: Okay. *grabs shrink ray and shrinks self*

CT: Huh. Even when we’re all shrunken, I’m still taller.

WS, HR, & QS: 👿

CT: Sorry! It’s true though!

WW: Whatever. Let’s go.

Random Person: Hello! I’m Jumpy Bear! Do you need a tour of this island?

WW: Yeah. Would you like to go on a mini adventure with us? *points to the shrunken friends*


WW: Can you have two in your back-pack so they don’t get caught by the Creators?

JB: Of course! ^^ *picks up HR and QS*

WW: *puts CT and WS in her back-pack* Lets go!

JB: Lets ride bikes to be faster. *pulls out two bikes*

WW: Cool!

*The 2 climb onto the bikes and start riding*

20 minutes later…

*The girls hit a bump on the trail and the 4 shrunken people fall out of the back-packs*

CT, HR, QS, & WS: AAAAHHHH!!!! *they face-plant into the ground* AUGH!

HR: Great.

QS: Now what?

*Everybody looks at CT*

CT: You guys expect me to what to do?!?!

The Rest: Yes.

CT: Ugh. Fine. *pulls out phone*

Random Person 2: *is jogging* Ain’t no mountain high enough!

WS: Hillo! Can you help us?

RP2: *looks down* Uh, sure. *picks WS and the girls up* I’m Little Penguin.

WS: I’m Wild Seagull.

CT: WW isn’t answering. *hangs up phone* Hi! I’m Clean Tornado!

HR: I’m Happy Rider!

QS: And I’m Quick Sponge!

CT: Can you help us find our friends?

LP: Sure! Can you tell me their names?

WS: White Wolf and Jumpy Bear!

LP: Okay! Lets go! 😀



18 thoughts on “Our Mini Adventures! :D, part 2

    • Oops! *facepalm* But, you still can look at their stuff in the bac-packs! xD


  1. Could you include me in the next one, please!
    Just so you know, I’m a member, so you don’t have to worry about me getting spotted by the creators, and I can hide two people as well!!!!!!

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