Our Mini Adventure! :D

Quick Sponge, Happy Rider, and I shrunk each other! Now, we’re going on an adventure!! 😀


QS: *laugh* Hey, CT!

CT: Huh? Oh, hi QS! 😀

QS: *shrinks CT with shrink ray as prank*

CT: AH! *shrinks*

QS: 😛 Here. *gives CT shrink ray* Shrink me back!

CT: Okay. *shrinks QS*

Both: *laughs*

HR: Hi guys! *looks down* Um..

CT: *hands HR shrink ray* Shrink yourself..

QS: So we can have mini adventures!

HR: *grabs the shrink ray* Cool! 😀 *shrinks self*

All: *laughs*

HR: Soo..

QS: Where to?

CT: Lemme check the map! *pulls out a map* Okay, we’re on Early Poptropica. Wanna sneak into Vampire’s Curse Island?

HR & QS: Yeah!

CT: Cool! 😀

*Suddenly, a gust of wind blows the map out of CT’s circle hands*

All: NO!! D:

HR: Now what?

QS: Well, we can ask for help.

CT: That’s not a bad idea!

HR: Let’s go ask WS!

QS & CT: Yeah!

*The 3 walk to WS’s house*

QS: How are we going to open it?

CT: I don’t know!

WS: *opens door*

All Of The Girls: WS!!!

WS: Huh? *looks down* Oh. Hi guys!

CT: WS, can you take us to WW’s house so we can borrow her blimp?

WS: Sure. Why are you all shrunk, though?

QS: I pranked CT, then she pranked me back. Then, HR shrunk herself, so we’re on a mini adventure! 😀

WS: Cool. *picks the girls up*

CT: Hey! Careful while my hair is white! It took me a long to dye it from black to white!

WS: Sorry.

CT: It’s okay. 😛

WS: …

HR: Let’s go! 😀

*They walk to WW’s house*

All: WW!!

WW: *looks out door* What?

QS: Can we borrow your blimp?

WW: Sure. I’ll pilot.

All: Yay! 😀



13 thoughts on “Our Mini Adventure! :D

      • Awesome! My Poptropican’s name is Jumpy Bear popfan2123 <-here's my username if you want to see her! Lol she's dressed in the vampire costume!!

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