White Wolf’s & Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!

Episode 3: We Track Him Down! :twisted:, part 1


WW: Guess what guys?

People Calling: What?

CT: We’re going to track down that guy who says “Can you sign my goat?” every episode!

WW: But, we’re going to need some help!

CT: Please welcome, Little Penguin!!

LP (AKA Little Penguin :P): *walks in* Hi guys!!

WW: Also welcome, White Lizard!

WL: (AKA 13soa): *walks in* Hello!!!

CT: Last, but not least! Wild Seagull!

WS (AKA Wild Seagull :P): *walks in* Hillo!

WW: You guys ready?

All: Yes!!

CT: Lets go!

*They all gather into a private blimp*

WW: If you want to be in part 2, please call. Only 3 spots open.

CT: To be in episode 4, just say so! ^^

Voice:  *whisper* Can you sign my goat?

*Everybody in the blimp jumps*

WS: Was that him?

LP: Yep.

WL: Uh-oh..

WW: Calm down! We’ll be safe!

Voice: *little louder* Can you sign my goat?

CT: I’ll investigate.. *climbs down rope*

Voice: *yell* CAN YOU SIGN MY GOAT????

CT: AAH!!! *falls off rope*

WW, WS, LP, & WL: CLEAN!!!

CT: *screams*

*A splash could be heard*

All: *gasp*

WW: *to pilot* Land on that island! *points to the island closest to CT*

Pilot: Aye aye, Miss Wolf.

*As the blimp starts to land, WW jumps into the water*

WW: Clean!!

CT: White, I’m over here!

WW: *grabs CT* Gotcha’!

*They swim back to shore*

To Be Continued…



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