Happy Super Tuesday!! ^^

Lol, in my state and 9 others, they’re doing voting stuff, but I have a different idea! 😀

It’s where you say how you’re super and your super goals. I want to try to do this every first     full week of each month! Here’s how you put it:

I am SUPER at: *insert 4 things here*

My SUPER goals are: *insert 4 goals here*


So, either you post it in the comments or on a blog. You may tell the link of the blog in the comments.

If I see 10 or people doing this, I’ll make a picture! 😀

This will be going on until Saturday.

Here’s mine:

I am SUPER at: Writing stories, writing poems, singing, and drawing.

My SUPER goals are: Publishing a book, publishing songs, getting my own computer, and get better in math.


I can’t wait to see what everybody put! ^^


16 thoughts on “Happy Super Tuesday!! ^^

  1. I am SUPER at: violin, piano, English class, drawing some things
    My SUPER Goals are: Convince Mom to get a membership for Poptropica, Finish Vampires Curse When it comes out, Make a Fanime, and not be so careless.

  2. I am SUPER at : drawing anime, singing, being silly, and making friends!

    My SUPER goals are: Do better in school, See my family more, Get to a better huntress rank, and write awesomer storiez. (not to be a downer but my writing SUCKS!!!)

  3. I am SUPER at: drawing, singing, writing, hunting
    my SUPER goals are: publish a book, finish more islands, get more poptropica fashion ideas, be even more awesome

  4. I am SUPER at : doing the piano , singing , dancing , writing stories and songs , using the internet , and eating NUTELLA !
    My SUPER goals are : publishing a book , finishing more poptropica islands , making my website a cool , and be more ummm . . let’s just say kind 🙂

  5. I am SUPER at: writing, making people laugh, singing, and reading. My SUPER goals are: publish a book, become rich(a girl can dream!), get poptropica membership, and become super popular in real life and on poptropica.

  6. i am SUPER at: reading, writing, drawing, and acting
    my SUPER goals are: becoming an actor, meeting Jeff Kinney, be an author for little kiddie books, and being an artist

  7. I’m SUPER at: blogging, song-writing, playing Popropn, making original plots and stories, drawing Poptropicans and anime style people, singing, acting

    My SUPER goals are: becoming a book author, manage school life with blogging world

  8. I’m SUPER at: dancing, being a klutz, making headers for my blog, and Language Arts.

    My SUPER goals are: saving up for a PS Vita, getting more views on my blog, coming up with an idea for a story that’s actually good, and remembering to post more often.

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