White Wolf’s & Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!

Episode 2: Our Firsts Guest Stars! πŸ˜€

*this is pretty long, so here, to save some space*


WW: Hello people!

CT: I’m Clean Tornado… *a sound a tornado plays*

WW: …And I’m White Wolf! *a sound of a wolf howling plays*

WW & CT: And welcome to White Wolf’s and Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!!!

CT: Today, we have 4 guest stars today on our show!! πŸ˜€

WW: Here’s our first guest, Fast Singer!!!

FS (AKA Lewis on STB): *walks in* Hello! πŸ˜€

CT: How are you today, Fast?

FS: Awesome!!!!

WW: Is this your first time on air?

FS: Yes! And I’m so excited!!!

CT: We’re having some callers, so click that right there *points to a button*, and talk the caller!

FS: Cool. *clicks a button* Hello Caller #1! πŸ˜€

Caller #1: Hi, son!

FS: Uh, hi?

Caller #1: How’s it going, son?

FS: Good, I guess.

Caller #1: Your mom wants you!!! *voice switches to a crying woman* Oh, my baby!!!! He’s on a radio show!!

FS: *presses button* Hello caller #2!!

Caller #2: *laughing in background* H-hey!

FS: Um, hello.

Caller #2: *laughter continues* D-do you watch animals?

FS: No…

Caller #2: *laughter stops* Oh, chizz! Dude, you said this was gonna work!!!

WW: *presses button* Sorry, Fast, but you’re out of time!

CT: Please send in the second guest!

FS: *to the next guest star* You’re next!

WW: Hello! Can you tell us your name?

Guest Star: My name is Quick Sponge!! (AKA no,ilikestrawberries)

CT: How’s it feel to be here?

QS: Great!!

WW: Like before, just click that button *points to a bottom* and talk to the callers!

QS: *presses button* Hello, Caller #3!!!

Caller #3: HI.

QS: How are you today?

Caller #3: HI.

QS: Hi? What kind of feeling is hi?

Caller #3: HI.

QS: *presses button* Hello caller #4!

Caller #4: CAN YOU SIGN MY GOAT??!??!! :D?

WW: *presses button* Next is Invisible Club!

QS: *walks out*

IC: *walks in* Hi!!!

CT: You know what to do?

IC: Yep! *presses button* Hello, caller #5!

Caller #5: Will you give my shark a bath??!?!?

IC: No! πŸ˜€ *presses button* Hello, caller #6!

Caller #6: What does E= mc squared mean?

IC: I don’t know. Ask Albert Einstein.

CT: *calls Albert Einstein*

*everybody looks at CT*

CT: What? You said to ask him!

WW: But, he’s dead.

CT: Aw. *ends call*

WW: Well, now for our last guest star, Shy Fire!! (AKA ShyFire/BB/Claudia/Mellie/Miamagic16)

IC: *walks out*

SF: *walks in* I know what to do! πŸ˜€

WW: Then do it!

SF: *presses button* Hello caller #7!

Caller #7: *German accent* Hello!

SF: Hello!

Caller #7: May I speak to Clean Tornado?

SF: Uh, sure! Clean!

CT: I know that voice! It’s Albert Einstein!!! xD

WW: Wha-?

Caller #7: How are you today?

All: Good!!

Caller #7: Bye! πŸ˜€

All: Bye!

SF: *presses button* Hello caller #8!


SF: What is it?


SF: Nah. Bye! *presses button*

WW: Well, it looks like we’re out of time!

CT: Thank you, guest stars, for coming on today’s show!

WW: Tune inΒ  next time on…

WW & CT: White Wolf’s and Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!!! πŸ˜€






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