What The-?!?!

Heh-heh. Sorry for triple posting but, I JUST had to post this!!!




I know how to do it!

  1. Go on the Poptropica homepage, but don’t log in!!
  2. Press Ctrl and + repeatedly until your screen is really big.
  3. Log in Poptropica.
  4. Go to Astro-Knights Island.
  5. Walk to the kiosk.
  6. BOOM!

Thanks to Three273 for most of that! You rock, Three!! ^^


8 thoughts on “What The-?!?!

  1. I rock :P? Thank you^^ :P.
    I tried that when the screen wasn’t big. It was normal. Then I went to Astro-Knights and did that and that happened O.o. It only worked once O.o.

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