White Wolf’s & Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!

Episode 1: The First Air


WW & CT: Hello, Poptropicans!!!

WW: I’m White Wolf…

CT: …And I’m Clean Tornado!

WW & CT: Welcome to White Wolf’s and Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!!

CT: We’re going to take some calls now! *presses a button* Hello, caller #1! You’re on the air!

Caller 1: U-uh, hi! C-can you guys sign my goat?

WW & CT: O_O’

WW: Sign your goat?

CT: Is it a stuffed animal or a real animal?

Caller 1: Real.

WW & CT: O_O’

Caller 1: Well, can you guys sign it???

CT: Um, I doubt that’s possible…

Caller 1: It’s possible! My friends already signed it!

WW: *grabs a piece of paper and crumbles it* Oops! It’s sounds like we’re losing connection! Okay, bye! *presses button*

CT: Now, about Poptropica.

WW: Have you guys seen that post from the Creators about having Poptropica kids’ menus at Applebee’s?

CT: Totally crazy since they already make a ton of money from their sponsors!

WW: Plus, Vampire’s Curse Island is out! Congrats to those who have completed it!!

CT: Have you completed it yet, White?

WW: Nope! 😀

CT: Yo better go do that! 😛

WW: No thanks! 😛

CT: Anyways, wanna be on a guest star on the show? Just call us and we’ll put you in the next episode!

WW: First 4 callers will be guest stars!

WW & CT: Good luck!

WW: Next caller!!! *presses button*


CT: Looks we have a number 1 fan!

Caller 2: *girls in the background can be heard squealing*

CT: Well, it looks like we’re out of time! *presses button*

WW: Thanks for joining us on..

WW & CT: White Wolf’s and Clean Tornado’s Random Radio!!! 😀


CT: How was that? I hoped you enjoyed it! ^^

UPDATE: Sorry! No more callers!!!


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