Blue’s Fate, Chapter 3

Ahahaahaha what the heck am I writing I don’t even-
Oh well. Starting the story with Blue’s point of view.
Oh and also, before we begin, here’s the cover for this chapter:

Yes, I am aware I can’t draw poptropica-y enough.  :c
Sorry. Maybe next time I’ll spend like a lot of time on the cover or something.
Uhm, anyway, here goes nothing!

The stairs led down deeper and deeper into the ground, but there was enough light between the two of us- The guard from earlier, whose.. name, as I found out.. was Battlecrushed Skull and I- because we both had torches. We kept walking down these weird stairs, until we got to a dark door. “We’re here”, Sir Skull said gruffly, and I took a deep breath. “Where the heck am I, anyways?”I thought to myself, and trembling, knocked on the door. 

The door was opened by the boy from earlier, who had informed me about the Flower Gang, and he was more scared than last time I saw him. Behind him was a very angry looking fella, and the room. The room was bright, and full of people, with tables. It smelled slightly of cherries. The walls were bright yellow and orange, and the floor was brown. As for the people, there were small groups that hung out in corners of the room. In the center was a huge tree. The boy from earlier got more scared with each second, especially as I looked over the room.I looked straight at him, and suddenly I realized the Flower Gang had nothing to do with me until I CAUSED something to happen.

Now, my new theory is:
The Flower Gang beat the boy up and threw him in my apartment, thinking it was still for rent or something, and they predicted he’d untie himself.  When I untied him, he ran off somewhere, and they realized someone had to have untied him, because it had happened too fast. So they did some research on me and someone broke in with some flowers for me and a note. The note was to the hideout, which they would give to anyone they suspected was after them- if you got it wrong, you probably knew it was them and didn’t trust it word for word, and would change the code. If you were totally oblivious, you’d get to the hideout and say the password word for word, and they would let you in.
It’d be kind of like  an initiation proccess.
But since I didn’t know all this, I epic failed and now they think I’m one of them.
So, um, great…..

“Uhm, who’s that guy again?” I ask, pointing to the boy. He has dark brown hair and wide eyes (perhaps because he’s still practically being scared to  death), and wears a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Our outfits are alike, except for his black T-shirt has an L on it in 3 different shades of green, and my black shirt has smaller sleeves. Oh, and he’s wearing shoes and I have a skirt. Darnit, my feet hurt.

“Oh, that’s, Jake, the last member of SnakeBytezzz’.”  Skull says.
I immediately realize  Snake-Bites or whatever must be some kind of gang or club. Jake doesn’t look so tough to me, though. Not like Skull or that other guy.
I gather Jake must’ve been tryin’ to tell me what happened to him,  first time we met, but I was too thick in the head to realize it. Dangit. In a way, I was warned. UGHH THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING. I’ve been standing here for a couple of seconds, and nothing’s been happening, but I can see they can already sense my rage building up.
And there, it happens- I have an Idea.

“WELL WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING JUST STANDING THERE?” I yell, using my newfound agitation. Everyone in the room stares at me, and I enter the center of the room.
“WELL!? Don’t just STAND there, fools. Don’t we have STUFF to do?” I yell, scowling, and spin in a circle like it’s normal to do that for no reason at all.
Everyone just gapes at me.

“B-but, I’m about as old as you! I can tell you’re not that old! ” Jake yells at me, then realizes his mistake in talking like that to me and turns his head away.
Everyone is still staring at me like I’ve done something crazy.
And they’re waiting….Waiting to hear what I say, like they seriously care what I have to say.

I laugh.

“Oh, Jake, dude. You do know who I am, right? Ex-Director Singer. I once directed the whole spy agency, and defeated B.A.D… And guess what happened?” I say, my tone light and joking. Everyone keeps staring at me. “What happened?” Skull says skeptically, but his look is dazed, like he himself can’t imagine himself what’s happening.

“They’re after me now! Can you BE-LEAVE that!?” I yell, and burst into more laughter. Only my laughter can’t stop now, and sounds cruel, in a way. Now I’m scared, and I clasp my hands over my mouth. Everyone is even more shocked, and…It’s embarassing, I know, but I’m shocked myself that I said it…..

“Boss!” Someone yells, and I receive  a nod of recognition from various people in the room.
“Uh…….I…..Truth be told, I’m not even sure what I’m doing here………I got this note and this poem and…..It all happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do…..” I confess, and give my note with the poem on the back to Skull.  His eyes widen.
“This is the work of the old boss!” He declares, and now it is my turn to stare.
“Who….?”I mumble.
“Our old boss disappeared a while ago..He was a terrible poet, but at least one of his lines in a poem was true. Oh, and he loved poems. In fact, he was an agent too once…. You’re Blue, aren’t you? He used to work for you, you know, until you left. How you were the only sensible person around in that dump, I rekon he said. He predicted you’d be gotten rid for that….Even if you’d’ve quit first. You know what else was quite interestin’? He was into rainstorms. Said he’d name himself after Rain, one day…. I wish ‘e was ‘ere….” Skull said, sadly.
Rain…..Rain……..I remembered the call I got on that fateful day…..Wasn’t it yesterday? Or this morning even….? I don’t remember an agent that liked storms……Do I……?
I ponder the thought for a couple minutes, trying to understand all that has happened so far, and I sit down by the tree. Not much to remember, is there? All I did was try to get rid of the corruption in my branch, and finish up B.A.D. for good…. No one really ever helped me much, and I never quite talked to anyone that much, I guess…… I guess I was on my own and did my job, then just kinda left. I decide there’s not much reason to ponder anything trivial like my past any more, and with that I also realize…..I’ll never be a DJ.

With so many things happening already, I doubt I’ll ever get anywhere with a normal life.
So I stand up and sigh. I look around the room once more, and nothing really comes to mind. The only people I really notice are Skull and Jake. So I turn to Battlecrushed Skull, who probably knows more. “Uh, mister Skull…, erm, a gang…..Or something…Right?”  I ask.

“A gang o’ merry souls who get rid o’ the baddies, badge or not, pretty much!”Skull says cheerfully. I sigh in relief, thank goodness these people aren’t like scary street gangs that start needless fights and commit endless crimes like I hear in the newspap- wait what.
“…..So you kill people?” I blurt out, thinking of that scream I heard from the docs before I went down all those steps and got to this room.
“Goodness no! We erase people’s memories. It hurts your head a bit, first, though.” A lady with a yellow dress says, as if she’s appalled I thought of such a thing. “…….Jake called y’all The Flower Gang,” I say, unamused.
Jake blushes. “I didn’t know what they were until now!” he says, embarassed.
I smile. “Well, does anyone have some Black hair dye, a black bracelet and anklet, and a white long sleeve shirt? It’d complete my outfit more. I don’t need shoes, just, you know.. In fact, one of these days we’ll need to buy, like, a bunch of clothes to keep at the hideout just in case one of us spills water on everyone or something.”
A group of people from one of the corners presses a button, and a wardrobe and a changing room appears on a wall. I take what I need and step into the dressing room.
I walk out Wearing my black shirt on top of the white long-sleeve shirt, still wearing my jeans but not my skirt. I have a black anklet on my left leg, and a black bracelet on my right arm. My blue hair is down, and it goes down a little past my shoulders, and on the left I have a streak of black hair.

I must look confused and sleepy, because Jake offers to walk me home. Skull decides that’s a good idea, and someone my age shouldn’t be up so late in the first place. I find a clock and realize it’s 11:45.
“Uh, so Jake and I are in this, um, club now…right?” I ask, and I get several nods.
I smile.

Ana: /Le switches writing to third person.

Blue and Jake walked down the Main Street of Spy Island, trying to find a way to get back to Early Pop.

“So,  where ya’ from?”Blue asked Jake.
” Spy Island….. I like Early Pop better though, ’cause it has an arcade. I always wanted to work there…..” Jake said, sighing.
“Wait, so do you live here or there? Also, Oh my gosh, I’m from Astro Knights! Got banished from there, though, so I went around to explore other places. Not sure I remember my family, but I’m sure we used to be close….. I got an an apartment in Early Pop from my Aunt’s will, and decided to make the most of it..Wanted to start a carreer as a DJ, I did! Can you believe it- my died at 35 years old from the bite of a mutant gazelle!  Last time I saw her…Last time I saw her……I….Can’t remember..” Blue said.
“You talk a too much..” Jake said, looking up at the sky.
“Yeah, so?” Blue said defensively, and ran towards the Spy HQ entrance.
“What in the-” Jake started saying, but was cut off.
“Oh great, she’s got their attention” Jake thought to himself.

An agent walked outside and glared at  Blue.
“Just WHAT do you think you’re doing, kid? Scram!” The agent yelled.
“Or what?” Blue yelled, laughing.
“I’ll call your parents!” The agent yelled.
Blue laughed more. “CALL my PARENTS?”
The agent looked at Blue again, first agitatedly, then shocked.
“…Blue Singer….Blue…..Director Singer!?” The agent yelled in surprise.
Blue snapped back into herself, and stood up straight.
“Where are my manners? Sorry for troubling you sir, it’s just that I can’t stand being so serious all the time. My duest apolagies.” Blue said, looking the agent straight in the eye.
Her voice was devoid of emotion.
The agent was the one losing his composure  now.
“I’m sorry, Miss Singer…Since  you’re gone from the agency… Well, you’re supposed to be dead…I……I didn’t intend to see you at all…Let alone acting so…So foolishly!” The agent said, and backed away.
“…WELL I’M A GHOST NOW OKAY? BYE!” Blue yelled angrily, and ran towards the Glasses store. Jake ran after Blue, wondering just what it was that Blue was planning.


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    • Cassandra like from the myth..and the phrase “Cassandra Truth”? O.o I could friend you on my Blue Singer account if you made a multiverse~!

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