A Party of Parties…

A bunch of Poptropicans eagerly came together because of the newest island: Vampire’s Curse! To celebrate, we formed a vampire themed party. A coven hid in a crystal cave, to be protected from the dangers of the sun’s deadly rays.

The guest list included:

  • Super Thunder
  • Brave Tomato
  •  three273
  • Shy Fire
  • Mighty Drummer
  • Young Fang
  • Fierce Star
  • Nathan
  • Quick Sponge
  • Shaggy Eel
  • Bronze Panda

Thank you all for coming! We had a blast!

All of us, amazingness!

Brave Tomato showing her new Curious Bee chracters:

From Left to right: Mina the bat, Brave Tomato, Super Thunder, and Lina the bat

Now, the group shots:


16 thoughts on “A Party of Parties…

    • It was 9:00 for you D:. 10:00 for me D:. My dad turned the computer off then when he went upstairs I turned it back on XD

  1. Who were:
    the person with red electrifyer
    the person with purple sunglasses
    the person with a purple fairy costume
    the person pushing a wall 😛
    the person with a green pop star outfit

  2. Lol, in the collage of pics, in all of the pics I was talking XD.

    Yup! Those guys are new characters! The one wearing the blue top and black long skirt is Indigo Rolstol, the blue member of REd, but as of right now, she’ll only be mentioned. The headphones girl is Mirabel (Mira for short) Powers. She was actually an ex-member of REd, who was supposed to represent orange before she found a way to escape from Krimson.

    In the pic with me, ST, and the bats, it looked like I was posing instead of thinking of a response.

    Yay, group photos! ^^ I don’t know why I made Mirabel push on the wall in the second one.

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