I’ve decided to come up with a poptropica story! :D (Blue’s Fate Chapter One)

I had just moved into a nice red apartment in Early Pop, and thought I was ready to continue on my path to becoming a famous DJ. Early Poptropica isn’t much when you first look at it, but it’s actually one of the best places to go to! As a person from Astro Knights Island, who’s traveled quite a bit, I find Early Poptropica Island is great if you want to just concentrate on your work and do your own thing. So here I was, standing in front of the Red Apartment  Building, the infamous Blue Singer. Oh gosh, wait ’till the newspaper gets a load of this. Been in the paper more than a couple times, actually. Busted for some stuff I didn’t do in the past, but managed to clear my name and catch the real culprits…That’s when I finally got my first job…. Anyway, I stop to have a random person take a picture of me in front of my new place of residence, thinking I’ll start a new life….. Oh how wrong, how unbearably wrong, I really am.

My apartment is the second on the second floor.I just go in the door, when my headphones beep. Oh great, when was the last time this happened..? Ugh.
Anyway, it’s a call for me.”Boss, we have a problem…”
Boss….? I haven’t been called that in a while…. 
So I’m thinking, “Sir, you have the wrong person”, but the voice sounds familiar.
“This is Sky Blue speaking..Over.” I manage to say.
“BOSS!? We finally got through to you, eh? “The voice says excitedly.
“….I’m retired from the job. What do you want?” I manage, tiredly.
“Boss, it’s Rain here. The other agents are comming for you. Didn’t say why. We have rats, Blue. Rats….” The speaker says, and the connection gets a little shaky.
“Rain? I don’t know a Rain! And I haven’t done anything wrong!” I yell into the mic.
Static buzzes more, and I hear a clatter in my room.
I close the door leading to my apartment, and run to my room.
I see a guy tied up on the floor.
“Oh….my….Oh my gosh……Are you okay!?” I ask, untying the poor soul.
The guy coughs and rubs his head. “I dunno…”
“Well, it’s apparently not  safe here in Early Poptropica..” I blurt out.
“THE FLOWER GANG!?” The guy yells, and I genuinely wonder what he’s blabbering on and on about, because he wont stop talking about a gang that puts a lone flower by the door of someone they’re after. Then, it kind of clicks together. There was flower by MY door, some strange “Rain” says people are after ME, and this mysterious person in front of me…..It’s a test. 
“Okay, I get it, and I’m not going to ask who you are. Go out and do whatever it is you need to do, I accept this challenge. I will get the people who’re out to get me for no reason in trouble,  and pass this test.” I say boldly, with a renewed sense of pride.
“Test…?”The guy asks, confused, almost like he’s in a daze, but he listens to me and jumps out of the window.  He then walks away, and I feel better.
I smile, and decide the Flower Gang being after me is not bad at all…. 
It’s easier to catch a crook whose target is YOU, right?


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