What’s a Noken?

So, Um, I saw this on Daily Pop and….It’s probably one of the most interesting things yet. Green and red stains are either paint or moss and blood….Which is scary… But more importantly, what’s a “Nøken” ? And what’s the missing letter between “k” and “e”?
Nokren, Kraken, Norsmen..Uh….That’s…..Random words that came to mind..I guess.. But what’s the glowing green light? Why’s it so foggy? Is this part of Vampire’s Curse or the Fairy thing? Probably the Fairy thing…… Still, you have to admit, it’s kinda scary.
Well, scary for me at least. o.o 
And scary for anyone who has to spell Norkhen/Norken/Norkwen/snorkel/ whatever. o.o


24 thoughts on “What’s a Noken?

  1. It looks like it says “Beware the Nokken”. I think that’s another K under the paint. Or at least I think it’s paint.

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