Fix The App, Then We’ll Talk

Dude, like, seriously? Kinda late, don’t ya’ think?

xD I sound like such a teenager. Anyway, because the Creators’ have such faith in out extreme Poptropican intelligence, they made a post about their app-as if we didn’t know already.

If I recall correctly, Brave Tomato noticed a mistake in this app. And, the Creators’ doubt our intelligence? How could they? They either

a) Assume they are our all-powerful Creators who are perfect and will never get anything wrong


b) they’re bears

Personally, I think B is correct, I’ve found evidence to support this claim, just like my English teacher said. “Use textual evidence, don’t use helping verbs-”


I advise you to not do this, though, the consequences aren’t that great. Anyway, since I have time to kill, I’m going to write a report on how the Creators may be bears… And I’m totally gonna use helping verbs, ha!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New guides available in the Poptropica app!

The Poptropica Tips & Tricks app just got a little more helpful. With a new update, now you can get walkthroughs for our two newest adventures, S.O.S. Island and Ghost Story Island!
Visit the App Store or Android Marketplace to download the update, then launch the app. The guides for S.O.S. Island and Ghost Story Island will now be in the list of Island guides for in-app purchase.
Download the iOS version of the Poptropica Tips & Tricks app from the App Store.
Download the Android version of the Poptropica Tips & Tricks app from the Android Market.
avatar image
Oh, now it’s for Android, too? I thought you were strictly Apple. Apple, Android, Apple, Android, Applroid, Approid, Asteroid…
Wait, what’s with the asteroids? Am I Astro-Knightish right now?
Nah, maybe I just need to sleep. Anyway, this has been another episode of Fix The App, Then We’ll Talk and I’ll see you next time on-
Wait, this isn’t even a show. Yeah, I really need to sleep.
~Katniss (Super Thunder)

5 thoughts on “Fix The App, Then We’ll Talk

    • You’re so hacking right. 😯
      *singing Fix the app, then we’ll talk! Fix the app, then we’ll talk! Fix the app, Creators, then we’ll TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALK!!!! *normal voice* xD

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