Secret World of Arriety (ad)

I just found an Ad on the S.O.S. Island demo called The Secret World of Arriety.
Outside, it looks something like this:

……Minus the person with the hat and sunglasses. xD
On the inside, you find a girl with orange hair and a red dress (Arrietty), and the posters look kind of anime-ish.

OK, so go up to Arrietty, and she’ll say something like this:

Apparantly we’re stealing  borrowing from the humans.

Go left until you see a rope and an old guy.
Talk to the old guy.
He says they left something in the dollhouse, watch out for humans and their lights, blah blah blah. Okay. You then climb the rope and go up, and I hope you know what you’re up against……

So, basically, um, get the sugarcubes and look for a place to hide whenever the light comes near you. Also, since I kept failing at the third floor, know that the bed and the doll aren’t hiding places. the shelf with the cupid thing is.

Oh, and the giant blue lemon-thing is a hiding place too.

On the fourth floor, both the knight and the cup are hiding places.
Despite what you might think, the cup is NOT  a trap and you do NOT jump into the cup.
So just walk over to the icecube and win.

Happy borrowing, my good friends! 😀
 (In other words, good luck.)
P.S. :

The prizes are “Shrink Power”, and “Follower”.  


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