Brave Tomato: Yeah. The name has been announced.

Audience: WHAT IS IT?!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

No reason to keep you in suspense any longer than we have to. The next Poptropica Island will be…
Vampire’s Curse Island!
Of course, we’ll have all the latest news about Vampire’s Curse Island right here, so keep checking back for more about the story, release date, and more.
In the meantime, you can still visit Poptropica to play our latest, S.O.S. Island, or any of the 23 other Islands that are already available to play!
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Brave Tomato: I’m excited about this island… I’ma get my vamp on!
Audience: *puts on plastic fangs*
Brave Tomato: Don’t forget your umbrellas too. Forecast calls for thunderstorms in yesterday’s Creator’s post.

Brave Tomato: Well, I’m wondering… in this quest are vampires good or bad? Well, from the sounds of the title, it seems like the vampires are going to be the bad guys.

*red spotlight turns on*

Brave Tomato: Well, where did that come from?

?: Just who do you think they are trying to upstage us?

?2: I don’t understand either, Cameron.

Cameron: Marcus, now that there is a revelation of a NEW ISLAND, this can put the reputation of ghosts kaput!

Marcus: And don’t forget about the people who look just like us.

Brave Tomato: Umm… what are you guys doing here? This isn’t a Curious Bee episode or anything…

Cameron: Who CARES if we don’t appear during a CB ep post? Not me. We can pop in any time we want to, you know.

Brave Tomato: Oh, which reminds me, the next episode of Curious Bee will be the start of season three!

Marcus: … why are you talking about this?

Cameron: We should go, Marcus. I don’t want to be bothered by the picture of the us wannabes… *disappears*

Brave Tomato: Well. That was unexpected. Getting our vampire on will be coming soon. Vampire’s Curse Island. Interesting name.



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Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 19-year old girl from New Jersey. I’ve been a Poptropica Help blogger for 5 years, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.


  1. Season 3?!?! 😯 CONGRATZ!
    And, seriously creators? Vampire’s Curse Island? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Bad enough I didn’t get to see the latest Twilight movie. This island will mock me. .-. I’m in miserey. I want to see the wedding of Bella and Edward and see Jacob’s reaction!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

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