Curious Bee Xtra: Bendy Tornado’s Story Part 2 of 2

There was nobody there, anymore.

Bendy noticed this right away. “Guys?” he shouted out, “Natasha? Peter? Ken?” Then, his cell phone vibrated, signaling a new message. Bendy took out his phone and a single message popped up without any ID:

They’re gone, now.


Bendy Tornado stared at that message. It didn’t make sense. His fellow gang members, just all of a sudden vanished into thin air. The only things left are the spray cans. One of them, the purple one, broke, spraying a purple blotch on the ground.

Bendy knew that he couldn’t bear to stay anymore. He was the last member. He turned to walk away, but another text message popped up.

Where do you think you’re going, witness? the message asked.

Bendy stood still. “Someone there?” He got tensed up by the minute, he could not dare move. Something didn’t allow him to move: his own mind. The fear had clung into his mind like a tumor, and he couldn’t move. Although his mind was telling him to leave, his body is forcing him to stay.

Somebody was watching him. And he was afraid to find out who.

A new message popped up on his phone.

That’s it. Stay.

Bendy Tornado turned and saw a goth-looking boy next to him. His hair was messy and he wore a skull shirt with black pants. A green belt wrapped around his body.

Bendy blinked. He had a bad feeling about this. He had a bad feeling about who this boy was.

“What are you doing here?!” the boy shouted, “No one is supposed to be here!”

Bendy couldn’t move his mouth. He knew that his thoughts would be turned down, so he couldn’t dare speak.

“So?” the boy shouted once again, “What are you doing here?!”

“I…I…” Bendy Tornado started.

“You were part of a gang that planned to trash my temple now, would it?” the boy scoffed.

“I only saw it. They offered me a can, and I turned it down,” Bendy tried to say.

“So you speak the truth,” the boy sighed, looking at the temple, “I can see past lies, yet, yours was the truth. I’ll let you go, since you had no participation.”

“But what exactly happened to the others?!” Bendy asked.

The boy scoffed, “Haven’t I told you?! They’re gone, now.”

“Gone where?” Bendy asked.

The boy didn’t respond verbally to that question. He just gloomily looked at his temple, and pointed to it.

Bendy stared at the overwhelming temple. He couldn’t look at it without an excessive fear. The boy continued pointing there.

“They’re still alive,” the boy said, “but they’re with me now.”

Bendy’s mind has gone blank. Natasha Heart, Ken Fang, and Peter Bones were still alive.

“You mean they’re prisoners,” Bendy said, bravely.

The boy didn’t respond to that. “They’re no longer of your concern. Eventually, you’ll forget of their existance. I don’t think it would be wise of you to come back,” the boy said.

For a second, he transformed into his true form and then disappeared.

Bendy was able to catch his true form. Hades had kept his fellow gang members trapped in the Underworld as prisoners. Bendy couldn’t bear to stay anymore. Then he remembered his words: I don’t think it would be wise of you to come back. Bendy looked at the temple. Inside was his gang fellows. He was the last one.

Due to the overwhelming fear, he ran.

Bendy ran towards the boat, which was luckily still there. Without hesitation, he pulled the lever. “Trust me, I won’t be coming back anytime soon,” he muttered.

The speedboat sped through the water, leaping through the air every once in a while. He didn’t look back.

The speedboat hurried until it reached Shark Tooth Island. Bendy immediatley got off his boat and ran. Then he saw lights. Headlights.

“Freeze!” someone shouted.

Bendy froze. There was a police car in front of him.

“What are you doing outside during curfew?!” the police officer asked.

Bendy didn’t speak. He couldn’t tell what had happened. He couldn’t believe it himself.

“Alright, you’re not speaking, huh?” the policeman asked, “Then you’re coming with me.”

The police officer pushed Bendy into the flashing police car. He was forced to sit down. The police car drove off.

“Now, considering you’re a minor, you shouldn’t be out this time of night,” the police officer murmered, “you should be in bed, having a good night sleep.”

Bendy didn’t say anything the drive. Neither did the police officer the rest of the time. He was driven to the police station. He was pushed into a cell, and the doors were closed.

“Someone’s going to come in to interrogate you in the morning,” the police officer said, “In the meantime, get some sleep.” The police officer left the room.

Bendy didn’t understand how to sleep in this cell. The bed is as hard as a rock. He got in, but he couldn’t sleep. All the thoughts of what just happened just flung through his head like a boomerang. He remembered everything. His gang going to Mythology Island. Natasha, Peter, and Ken disappearing. Talking with Hades. Fleeing. And finally, being under arrest.

Bendy was eventually able to sleep, althought it wasn’t peaceful. An alarm eventually woke him up. For the first seconds, he thought all that was happening was a dream. Then he felt the bed. It was still the cell bed. Everything that happened to him was real.

The police officer walked to Bendy’s cell. “It’s time to get up for your interrogation, Bendy Zachary Tornado,” he said.

Bendy got up and followed the police officer. He didn’t say a word. Then, they sat in a room. There was a machine-looking object on the table.

“Now,” the police officer explained, “this device here is a lie detector. It’ll detect if you lie. Now, lets get started. What were you doing out late at night, during curfew?”

Bendy didn’t say a word. The lie detector messaged that he was worried.

“So you’re scared,” the police officer asked.

“Y-yes,” Bendy said. The lie detector noted that it was the truth. The police officer noted that.

“Have you been anywhere other than Shark Tooth Island?” he asked.

“Yes,” Bendy said. The lie detector didn’t go off.

“Where were you?” the police officer asked.

Bendy didn’t say anything. Instead, he asked for paper, and drew a sketch of Mythology Island. As soon as he handed the paper back, the police officer observed it carefully. His eyes grew suspicious. He expected the lie detector to go off, but it didn’t.

“What were you doing in Mythology Island?” the police asked, hoping for an answer.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Officer,” Bendy responded. The lie detector didn’t go off. It was the truth, the officer wouldn’t have believed it.

“From the looks of your outfit, you appear to be part of a gang. Is that true?” the police officer asked.

Bendy looked at his outfit. He still had a biker outfit on and pants. “Was.”

The police officer looked at Bendy. “I will call your parents. They will come down here and disipline you properly.”

Bendy looked at the police officer. Before he left, he drew something else. Then, he left it behind.

It was a comic like drawing. It showed his fellow gang members disappearing, and him talking to Hades. On the bottom, he wrote, Never again.

Bendy looked at his parents. They looked at Bendy. His mother was crying, while his father just looked at him with a look of disgust.

“The police suggested you to send you to an asylum called the Poptropica Problems Academy. They said that there had been a lot going on in your mind, and that you’re part of a gang,” his mother said.

“That is what we’re going to do,” the father said, “it’s for the best.”

Bendy looked at his parents. They were obviously very disappointed. A helicopter was waiting for him. He exited the police office, without looking back or saying anything to his parents, and entered the helicopter.

The helicopter took off. As the ride started, Bendy threw his jacket to the ground, furiously.

The mother and father watched. Then, the police officer came up to the parents. He showed the drawing.

“The lie detector detected as what’s going on in this picture as the truth,” the officer said, sadly.

Both parents stared at the picture. They couldn’t believe it. “This, is NOT true…” the father muttered.

“It is,” the mother sighed, “Oh my gosh.” She cried once again.

Then, a jacket landed in the father’s hands. Both of them watched as the helicopter flew towards the Poptropica Problems Academy.

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