I wonder what those are for……

Oooooh, shinyy~
So I woke up this morning, checked Daily Pop, and OH MY GOSH!
There’s, like, two keys the charm of an amulet, one of those eyedrop thingies with the needles attached with green stuff in it (I’m serious, without the needle it looks like an eyedropper), and…….an eyeball?  I’m not sure what we’re going to do with an eye, so hopefully it’s just some ingredient for a potion or something.
The fact that they said “eye on the prize” maybe hints the eyeball is very important.

Lets focus on the needle/eyedropperthingy now. What’s the green stuff?
My best guess is someone is hoarding lettuce (for some strange reason) so they grinded it up into a juice and hid it in a needle-eyedropper. But that doesn’t make much sense. Maybe it’s a sleeping potion to calm a werewolf? Who knows.

It’s shiny. And reminds me of Harry Potter for some reason.
But most importantly, the designs. Batwings on a gold key, bats on an amulet’s charm.
Vampire stuff.
But then the knight…. on the silver key……. I don’t understand why there’s a knight on the key.  Vampire Knight? Nope, that’s an anime….. Huh.
Maybe we have to invade a country club for Knights and steal all their golf clubs.
(Still not making much sense..)
Or it’s a family crest?

Not sure.
(Well of course you’re not sure, you’re not a knight!)
Shush, magical voice comming from nowhere.
(Oh great, talking to your se-)

That’s all for now, and good morning! 😀 


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