Oh, hi there… I’m Ana, and it’s such and honor to be added to the blog!
My favorite color is….uh…all of the colors except for mauve, and my favorite food is pizza.
I like drawing, singing, roleplaying, and, of course, poptropica!
I look forward to posting on here! 😀
My Main poptropica character Blue Singer standing next to that guy from Ghost Story 

My main account is Blue Singer, and my favorite island is probably……um……Time Travel! I  finished it in an hour and thirty minutes once!
 I’m not sure how this is going to work, but I sure hope I make a good author here!
I’ll try my best to stay active! ^^

~ Ana 


16 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Hi^^!! Welcome to the blog^^!

    I thought Super Thunder was going to ask me to be on here, but I’m already on Poptropica Stuff so…yeah :?.

    But anyway you’ll probably make a great author^^. *reads posts* Oh wait, you already are^^ :o.

    P.S. CAT FACE 😛 XD!!!!!!!!!!! =^.^=

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