The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 22- Flashback: A Year of Curious Bee

Brave Tomato: Hi peepz!

*someone throws a black-painted tomato at BT*

Brave Tomato: Thank you. Well anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee…

Audience Member: Wait, shouldn’t this be a special?

Brave Tomato: Huh? There’s no holidays…

Audience Member: No holidays but…

Brave Tomato: Wait… Curious Bee’s one year anniversary?!

Audience: *nods*

Brave Tomato: and my one year anniversary on being on STB?!

*nod again*

Brave Tomato: Already?! It’s already been a year?! *looks at calendar* I guess it has. Okay then. *generates portal*

*Curious Bee and the CB group fall out of it again*

Sasha: And… we’re back.

Bendy Tornado: Are we doing another play?

Blue Skull: There’s no holidays for a while! What are we doing portalling?!

Brave Tomato: I’ve brought you guys here to show favorite moments from the past.

Curious Bee: Huh?

Quiet Snake: Do I need a dress?

Brave Tomato: Does it look like it? Well, here we go. I want to show you guys some of my favorite moments.

Blue Skull: I’m still lost.

Brave Tomato: Roll it!

*DVD plays*

Episode 1

Curious Bee: 😡 That’s it! I am leaving Early Poptropica to explore islands and no one is going to stop me!

*She gets out of bed and runs for the nearest blimp*

Curious Bee: Well, here goes nothing…

Episode 3

Curious Bee: *sigh* Well, Nabooti didn’t turn out so well. All the Poptropicans there only care about jewels and intergalactic totem poles. I hope this next island would be any better…

Episode 6

*Curious Bee and Police Officer turn around to see Copy Cat… or maybe 4 of them*

Copy Cat 3: I’ll take that!

Curious Bee: Hey! That was my wallet!

Copy Cat 2: *mimicking* “Hey, that was my wallet!”

Episode 7

RP2: Not funny, tourist. Just wait until the laser zaps you.

Curious Bee: *thinks about what happened before landing on Mythology Island* I had enough “zapping” in my life.

Episode 8

Curious Bee: But Mom…

Safe Bee: But WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Curious Bee:…we’re still rolling.

*crowd awkwardly stares at Curious Bee and Safe Bee, especially Fearless Scorpion*

Safe Bee: Uh-uh-uh… we are?

*Cameraman nods*

Curious Bee: Uh…

Fearless Scorpion: Well… here we have it: the hero Curious Bee! Channel 2: Poptropica News. Now back to the studio…. *camera turns off* *sigh* I really need my agent right about now.

Episode 9

Curious Bee: My mom thinks that Early Poptropica is the safest island in Poptropica, and she wants me only there. She says that Shark Tooth is too dangerous and “sharky”, Time Tangled “affects your future in huge ways”, 24 Carrot has disappearances and a weird rabbit guy, Super Power Island is “super-dangerous”, Spy Island makes you “lose your hair”, Nabooti’s “too different”, Big Nate Island is “way too unique and comical”, Astro-Knights is “out-of-this-world dangerous”, Counterfeit Island is “not the best artwork”, Reality TV Island is “too addicting to TV”, Mythology Island…. well…. I understand Mythology Island, Skullduggery Island is “too pirated”, Steamworks is “too empty”, Great Pumpkin “makes you think Halloween is all year round”, Cryptids Island is “too greedy”, Wild West has these bandits, and Wimpy Wonderland contains gangsters and video game addicts.

Nice Sword: Wow. Amazing how you said that all in one breath.

Episode 11

Quiet Snake: We want to come with you.

Nice Sword, Bendy Tornado, & Blue Skull: Yeah!

Curious Bee: You do? I would love it. Just to let you know, I’ll be going to a whole lot more islands. Just wait. You’ll see. In the meantime, let’s check out Skullduggery Island.

Episode 12 Part 2

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Bendy Tornado: No.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Nice Sword: *sigh* not yet.

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Curious Bee: Just calm down Quiet Snake! We’re almost there.

*seconds pass*

Quiet Snake: Are we there yet?

Blue Skull: Can you please stop asking that question?

Episode 13

Blue Skull: Great, this is perfect. We are stranded in the middle of the sea and we have no clue where we are going.

Curious Bee: Come on, cheer up, Skull, at least we have a nice view of the ocean.

Quiet Snake: Yeah, all around us.


*TV turns off unexpectedly*


Sasha: Okay… this is supposed to be a flashback episode. Not a lights flash out thing!

Brave Tomato: *taps the tv screen* What the heck? The electrical repairmen came just this morning! *turns to audience* Sorry, folks! We’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now!

Curious Bee: Wow, I was like that in the beginning?!

*a single spotlight turns on*

Quiet Snake: … so is anyone going to go under that spotlight?

Brave Tomato: I didn’t put that there…

?: Shaddup, Stargirl.

Brave Tomato: Stargirl?? Hey! You’re the one who messed with last episode’s title!

*tv click can be heard*

Curious Bee: At least the tv is on again.

*However, when the tv fades on, there isn’t any DVD screen. Instead, there is that annoying screenamajig. However, it has a peculiar red tone.*

Sasha: Alright, this part isn’t normal… what’s going on here?!

Bendy Tornado: *facepalm* I think I know..

Brave Tomato: Come on! Not during the anniversary special!!!

Cameron *appears leaning against the tv* An anniversary special? How cute.

*audience gasp*

Bendy Tornado: I knew it… show-offs.

Marcus: *appears on other side of tv* And me too.

Brave Tomato: Grand. You guys.

?: Can it, Stargirl.

*the tv fades from the odd screen and it reveals a black silhouette of Krimson in the TV. Although the audience and Brave Tomato recognize the silhouette, the CB group does not*

Krimson: Curious Miranda Bee, show yourself.

Sasha: *blinks* I didn’t know ghosts could do that.

Curious Bee: Who in Poptropica are you??

Audience: *shouts trying to help Curious Bee* Krimson Everred!

Blue Skull: Who?

Krimson: *to the audience* Can it, people. Do I have to look for you too?!

*most of the audience evacuates the auditorium, while a couple of brave members remain*

Brave Tomato: No! My audience! *looks at the TV*

Cameron: So that’s your thing: the world’s a stage.

Marcus: Eventually, this’ll be a tragedy.

Brave Tomato: *takes out a bow* No one messes with my audience! *takes out a tomato tipped arrow and aims it at the TV*

Curious Bee: I’m going to ask the same question that I had asked Sasha: why are you doing this?!

Krimson: *comes out of the TV, but still appears as a silhouette* Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. Still as curious as ever. *puts a finger underneath CB’s chin* Shouldn’t you have known by now? A soul is all we want. And that soul is the red-head over there.

Bendy Tornado: *protective* Get away from Miranda!

Sasha: What do you want from me?!


(original drawing by Brave Tomato, markers used: Prismacolor Double-Ended markers)

Krimson: *scoffs at Bendy, retracts finger, but still keeps her eyes straight on Curious Bee* Sasha Rider is supposed to be one of us! But no! She had to get rid of a mortal first. Sasha is more powerful than you think. But as soon as you two became friends again, we had to do it ourselves! We need her to complete the order. REd needs her.

*at that, the rest of the audience leaves*

Brave Tomato: *puts the arrow on the bow* That’s it! You’re in it now! *shoots tomato-tipped arrow*

*invisible, Cameron catches the arrow*

Cameron: *appears and looks at the arrow* A tomato-tipped arrow. How pathetic.

Krimson: Cameron and Marcus Kensie, come. The time hasn’t come yet.

Cameron/Marcus: Yes, Everred.

*the three go into the tv, the tv flashes for a little bit, and the tv returns to its normal TV screen*

Blue Skull: What is with those ghosts?!

Curious Bee: Where’s Quiet? *looks around, then notices the girls dressing room door is open* I think I know.

*meanwhile in the girls dressing room, Quiet Snake is cowering in the corner. She was hiding.*

Quiet Snake: This is not happening… this is not happening… this is not happening…

Curious Bee: Quiet!

Quiet Snake: PLEASE DONT HURT ME… oh it’s you, Curious Bee. Thank goodness.

Curious Bee: It’s okay, they’re gone now. You can come back.

Quiet Snake: They are? Oh-um-okay.

*CB bring Quiet back with the others*

Brave Tomato: *looks into the empty audience* Oh-no-no! My audience! *facepalm*

*a little kid walks in, hesitantly*

Little Girl: The bad people are gone now!

*the little girl’s family walks in, along with everybody else*

*Brave Tomato looks at her spot on the stage, then sits off the stage and gets off of it. She approaches the little girl, bends down a little bit, and smiles.*

Brave Tomato: Thank you.

*with that, Brave Tomato goes back up to the stage and looks at the CB group*

Brave Tomato: I told you guys that things are going to be a little dangerous. Now, I really mean it. Stay strong. Be brave. Fight for the right side of the fight.

*the CB group nods*


Brave Tomato: Alright, I will! Here are some of my favorite moments from season 2!

*plays DVD*

Episode 15

Bendy Tornado: *at front of boat* I’m king of the world!

Curious Bee: *with Bendy Tornado* I’m flying!

*Curious and Bendy look at each other, awkwardly, they both blush*

Episode 17

*Bendy Tornado starts dissembling stone house*

Bendy Tornado: Curious Bee is trapped in here! Help me with the stones!

*the CB group continues removing the blocks to get Curious Bee out of there, eventually, water is seen flowing out. Curious Bee is pulled out, gasping for air. Then, she hugs Bendy Tornado.*

Nice Sword/ Quiet Snake/ Blue Skull: O_O

Sasha: *unseen* You haven’t seen the last of me… *vanishes*

Curious Bee: Thank you so much. You saved my life.

Episode 19

Sasha: I saw a vision, you threw away our photo!

?: No, she didn’t. She never did that!

Curious Bee/ Sasha: *turns* Huh?

Safe Bee: *walking over* I look through all of my daughter’s trash. There was no picture of you and Curious Bee anywhere.

Curious Bee: Mom?! *turns to Sasha* I never threw away the photo. In fact, I kept it right here. *gets backpack and takes picture out of the front pocket* See? Sasha… What you saw was not a vision. It was a dream. What you saw doesn’t even exist.

Sasha: *tear shed* I-I’m so foolish. I believed… in something that was not true. I-I’m so sorry. Ever since I died, everything has come upside down to me. Everyone, I thought, forgot about me. I thought I was alone. Except for two fellow ghosts names Cameron and Marcus. And even they disappeared.

Episode 20

Nice Sword: *hugs CB last, especially tight* Miranda, thank you for being such a great friend. You really helped shape me for whom I’m destined to be.

Curious Bee: Goodbye, Nice Gabriella Sword. I’ll miss you too.

Episode 21

Callie: *stares at Sasha* You still here?

Quiet Snake: No-no-no-no! She’s with us!

Callie: You are, are you? Sorry then.

Sasha: I’m already dead anyways.

*end of video*

CB Group: …

Audience: …

Brave Tomato: … umm, that’s it.

Curious Bee: *laughs a little bit* Sometimes, it’s nice to just re-see the past.

Quiet Snake: There has been cameras the whole time?!?!

Sasha: *blinks* I didn’t realize that I was THAT hard on the CB group.

Blue Skull: I miss Nice Sword.

Brave Tomato: That was it! I’ll portal the CB group back on their blimp… right… Now. *generates a portal and the CB group get pulled in*

*back on CB’s blimp*

Bendy Tornado: … someone just please explain what just happened.

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7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 22- Flashback: A Year of Curious Bee

  1. Why?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean really!!!! Are they from the Popotropica Dark Forest or something?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Memories from the past… bad and good… still love them*.
    *Except for one that happened in the summer. 😦
    Great episode, though! 😀

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