January 25

(bold parts added by Brave Tomato)
It was January 25th. But not today. It was one year ago. A nice Tuesday… A warm day in Las Vegas.
And at the other side of the country, it was a crisp, cool day.
Two girls, though at opposite places, arrived at their homes after a tiring day of school.
One girl, the one in Las Vegas, put her long, black hair into a braid, and dumped her backpack on the ground. Then, she put a corn dog in the microwave, and tapped her foot impatiently.
“You’re taking too long,” she snapped at the microwave, ad went upstairs to turn on her laptop.
The other girl, with brown hair, sighed to herself. Putting down her backpack, she went into her room and looked at the laptop. She was new to chatting, and that influences the curiosity. She reached over and turned her laptop on.
Both of their destinations were the PHC.
One name showed up on the list. It was BraveTomato. Then the other name arrived. It was Trusty_Coyote.
The user named Trusty_Coyote glanced over the names at the chat. The usual people she knew… And some person called “BraveTomato”. Quickly, she started a private chat with this BraveTomato.
“Hi.” she typed, wondering if her name, Trusty_Coyote, sounded to weird.
“Hi.” the person replied.
Quickly, a conversation popped up. Both girls were uncertain, but friendly enough.
Trusty_Coyote quickly realized that this girl had it all required to work at the blog. So she revealed herself as Super Thunder.
BraveTomato did a multiverse check, and was surprised to find out it was true.
Then, she accepted.

And now, one year later, the anniversary of the Thunder/Tomato friendship has happened.
BT, I’m so glad I met you! *hug*
ST, I’m so glad we were able to meet and have that conversation that day. Thank you! *hug*


7 thoughts on “January 25

  1. Happy 1 year of being besties!! :mrgreen: 💡 You should have a multiverse party on Poptropica to celebrate!! 😎

    Brave Tomato: I am really busy this week, sadly, and won’t really have the opportunity to do multiverse,

  2. Not to be rude but what about the time difference? Because BT would go to school about 2 hours before ST and would come back about 2 hours before ST. I could be wroung because of school ending time.

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