Celebrity… check. Clip… check. Cheese… NO CHECK?!


*Lone Ring and Loud Shark walk in holding a platter of cheese*

Ahhh, that’s better. Cheese… check.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrity Clips – now with video!

Have you visited the Daily Pop lately? If not, you’re missing something cool: we’ve added video to Celebrity Clips!
Head to Poptropica now and visit the Daily Pop to pick up some drawing tips from “Big Nate” creator Lincoln Peirce.
avatar image
*inside the Super Team clubhouse*
Super Thunder: Mozzarella? I TOLD THEM I DON’T LIKE MOZZARELLA!
Brave Tomato: ‘Tis okay, Ess Tee. Just throw it away.
Friendly Dragon: Yeah, just throw it away.
Icy Comet: Oh, hey, I like mozzarella. I’ll take it.
Friendly Dragon: Don’t… I know Super Thunder. She probably just poisoned it- Oh, there it goes. *cheese is poisoned*
Super Thunder: Allrighty then, roll call! Me? Here! Bee Tee?
Brave Tomato: Here.
Super Thunder: FD?
FD: Here.
Super Thunder: Icy?
IC: Present.
Super Thunder: *sighs* The boys aren’t here. I told them about the staff meeting. Changed to next week, then. They better be here. And they better send me an R.S.V.P. by email.
10 minutes later
Dear Creators,
Are you bears? I was just wondering.
~Super Thunder (Katniss)

30 thoughts on “Celebrity… check. Clip… check. Cheese… NO CHECK?!

    • i take that as an insult you know. I’m older than you, and i bet you don’t know how to speak “Pig Latin”, and i bet you don’t know all the fifty states and their capitals, AND, you probably don’t know 8654890365483275.8465 divided by .386
      Therefore, don’t go insulting your opposite sex just ’cause there not your kind.

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