The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 20- If One Joins, then Another Goes

Brave Tomato: Well. Hi. *looks at the episode number sign* Episode 20?! Cannot believe it. Well, last time we saw the CB group, they got caught up in my Christmas play. And Sasha and Curious Bee finally make amends after knowing the truth. Well… You guys saw what happened in person, so yeah.

*curtains open*

*CB group lands in pipe from portal, this time including Sasha too*

Sasha: Unexpected portalling is not fun.

Blue Skull: Tell me about it! At least we have our costumes off now and our regular clothes again.

Curious Bee: Tuhrue. Now, Sasha, since you’re new, let me help you catch up with what has been going on.

*CB explains all that she’s been through in summary*

Sasha: *smiles happily* I’m soo glad that you contributed in the riddance of Captain Crawfish from the seas.

Curious Bee: Yeah.

Quiet Snake: What are we waiting for?! New Years? Come on!

Curious Bee: Oh, right! Sorry! Come on! *goes through pipe and enters in a room*

Blue Skull: Alright.. where are we?

Quiet Snake: It’s so dark!

Nice Sword: I know! I can’t see anything!

Curious Bee: *goes over to switches* Maybe this’ll help.

Bendy Tornado: *runs over* Wait! You don’t know-

*lights turn on and claw starts moving*

Bendy Tornado: -what that does.

Sasha: Aw, come on, Bendy! You know that she’ll be fine.

Curious Bee: Well, that is one problem solved. C’mon.

*CB group jumps up platforms and sees the claw*

Blue Skull: Last one on the claw is a chicken!

*CB group quickly on the claw, except for Blue.*

Blue Skull: Come on! I was the one who announced it.

Quiet Snake: Just hop on, Eric.

Blue Skull: Oh I’m coming, Madeline. *hops on just before claw moves to the right again.

*the claw carries the CB group to the other side, then they hop off.*

Quiet Snake: *looks at vent* Please don’t tell me we have to go through the vent.

Curious Bee: We have to go through the vent. Let’s go.

*CB group enters*

Nice Sword: This thing is HUGE.

Sasha: Well, there are things larger than this.

Curious Bee: We should move along.

*CB group traverse through vent, and enter printing room*

Blue Skull: *looks at sign* Watch out for falling crates. Wonder what that means.

Bendy Tornado: That means we are dealing with falling crates, duh.

*CB group goes through crates and get down*

Curious Bee: *points* Look!

Shy Sky: *works* Dr. Hare is the best…

Nice Sword: Sky! *continues looking in aghast*

Blue Skull: Who’s this Dr. Hare dude?

Curious Bee: *goes over to Shy Sky* Hi!

Shy Sky: *hypnotized* I only respond to Dr. Hare.

Curious Bee: Umm… *sees power button on the headgear and thinks quickly* Look! A ghost!

Sasha: *slightly offended* Hey!

Shy Sky: Where? *turns around*

*CB reaches over and turns off button and headgear*

Shy Sky: *blinks* Where am I?

Nice Sword: Sky?!

Shy Sky: *turns around* Nice Gabriella Sword is that you?!

Nice Sword: *smiles* Thanks for getting my name right.

*two girls hug it out*

Bendy Tornado: Look, we can save the reunion for later. We have to save the other kids.

Blue Skull: Including my cousin!

Sky Sky: Wait! Well before you go, I have something that will be helpful. *goes over to printer and gives CB the password* Here, this is the password that would activate the rabbot.

Blue Skull: The Rabwhat?

Curious Bee: Thank you for your help. Well, we have to rescue everyone else now.

Shy Sky: Got it, bye.

*CB group exits*

Nice Sword: Well, that was able to turn out well.

Sasha: *glares at CB for the “Look! A ghost!” thing*

Curious Bee: What? Oh, that. Sorry, I kind of thought quickly.

Sasha: I know. I was just waiting for your apology.

Curious Bee: Alrighty then….

*CB group navigates through vents and encounters Processing Room, they pick up wire cutters along the way*

Nice Sword: *reads sign* Security enabled. Hopefully… that won’t have to deal with…

Curious Bee: Wait, wha’s that?! *points to a robot thing*

Quiet Snake: Security?

Nice Sword: Run!

*CB group tries to outrun the security robot, but fails to do so and gets teleported to the freezer*

Blue Skull: *shivers* Are we in the freezer?

Sasha: *rolls eyes* No, we’re in Hawaii. Yes, the freezer!

Curious Bee: Hey, check this out! *looks at wires*

Bendy Tornado: I bet that’s how you get rid of that security robot brat.

Curious Bee: *opens box and cuts the wires*

Quiet Snake: Great, you cut the wires, so now can we get out of here before we turn into popsicles?

Nice Sword: Good idea.

*CB group exits the freezer and goes back to the processing room, this time security disabled*

Quiet Snake: Look, there are two more kids down there!

Sleepy Bird/Magic Socks: Dr Hare is the best…

Blue Skull: And neither one of them is my cousin! Seriously, who’s this Dr Hare dude?!

Curious Bee: *jumps down* I guess I’ll have to do the same thing that I did with Sky. *goes to Sleepy Bird* Look! A… uh… flying buffalo!

Sleepy Bird: Where? *turns around*

Curious Bee: *turns off headgear*

Sleepy Bird: Woah! Uh.. *turns to CB* Thanks stranger. However, I have to warn you that Dr. Hare will capture you if he sees you without headgear.

Curious Bee: Got it. *goes over to Magic Socks* Look! A giant blender!

Magic Socks: Where?! *turns around*

Curious Bee: *turns off headgear*

Magic Socks: Where am I exactly?

Curious Bee: This’ll be explained later. Let’s just say you were hypnotized. *goes over to door*

Quiet Snake: Bad idea! There’s a security-

*CB attempts to open door, but falls through floor*

Quiet Snake: -camera there.

*Awkward silence*

Sasha: So… how’s life?

*meanwhile in the smelter room*

Curious Bee: Woah! Where am I? *goes down to the conveyor belt* Thank goodness the conveyor belt is off.

?: Think again.

Curious Bee: Huh? *looks around* Who’s there?!

?2: Are you sure she’s the one we’re looking for?

?: I’m positive, dumbhead! Just, turn on the conveyor belt!

?2: Okay, okay, sheesh! I’m turning it on!

Curious Bee: Alright, who’s ther-*conveyor belt turns on* -ER!

*crushers and hot substance turns on too*

Curious Bee: Whoever is doing this, bunny drone or whatever, this is NOT funny! *avoids crusher and hot substances and makes it to other side*

?2: I told you this wasn’t going to work!

?: I guess I should’ve made the conveytor belt faster.

Curious Bee: Seriously, who are you?!


Curious Bee: Okay, then… *picks up bunny drone ears and wears them* I should get going.

*CB goes up pipe and ends up where she was before*

Blue Skull: Gah! Oh, it’s you, CB. Thank goodness.

Sasha: Nice bunny ears.

Curious Bee: Well, at least it’s an effective disguise for now. I should go down.

Bendy Tornado: Good luck there, Miranda.

Curious Bee: *smiles, then returns to the door*

Blue Skull: *blinks* Hey! I think my cousin’s in there! Wait for…

Curious Bee: No, wait, don’t follow me!

Blue Skull: *falls through floor* MEEEEEEE!!!

Curious Bee: *looks at the floor, sighs, then goes inside*


Blue Skull: *in smelter room* Where am I? *looks at moving conveyor belt* CB went through THAT?!

?: Looks like it.

Blue Skull: Who’s there?

?2: Just two curious beings.

Blue Skull: Umm… Show yourselves?

?: If you wish.

*the two ghosts reveal themselves to Blue Skull, one female and one male*

Blue Skull: More ghosts?!

Cameron: *smirks* So I guess you know a girl named Serious Sasha Rider:

Blue Skull: Whaddayou mean?

Marcus: We’re just… friends of her.

Blue Skull: I can see that.

Cameron: *slyly* We saw another girl wander in here earlier. Just exactly, who is she?

Blue Skull: That was Curious Bee… But why-

Marcus: Curious Bee…

Cameron: Curious Bee…

Blue Skull: Okay.… but you didn’t let me finish-

Marcus: *smirks* You told us all we need to know. *he and Cameron vanishes*

Blue Skull: …okay. *finds way out of smelter room*

*meanwhile in the rabbot room, CB in her bunny drone disguise enters. The first person she sees is Dr Hare*

Dr Hare: So there you are! What are you waiting for?! Activate the rabbot at the control center so I can get going!

Curious Bee: *pretending she’s hypnotized* Yes, Dr. Hare.

*Dr Hare’s mini hovercraft flies him up to the rabbot*

Curious Bee: *goes up to control center and sees another hypnotized kid, who indeed is Blue Skull’s cousin* Look, a giant bunny!

Crazy Comet: Where? *turns around*

*CB turns off bunny drone ears*

Crazy Comet: You’ve got to stop him!

*Curious Bee approaches the computer, types the password and command, and the rabbot launches*

Curious Bee: *smirks* Time to burst this bunny. *controls rabbot and crashes rabbot into meteor*

Dr Hare: *through communicator* Hey, watch where you’re going!

*crashes again*

Dr. Hare: What are you doing?! You’ll destroy my rabbot!

*crashes again

Dr. Hare: You’ll pay for this!

Curious Bee: Just one more time… *crashes rabbot one more time*


*rabbot explodes*

Crazy Comet: Yes! You did it!

Curious Bee: *looks* I guess I did! *uses computer to unlock door and the rest of the CB group walk over, including the three kids rescued*’

Crazy Comet: *blinks* Eric?! Is that you?!

Blue Skull: Welcome back, cousin.

*the cousins do a boy hug*

Crazy Comet: Let’s just get out of this crazy place!

Shy Sky: Yeah! Oh, the look on Pop’s face when he sees me again!

Bendy Tornado: Let’s just go.

*everyone goes up the rope to Main Street, it is bright and pleasant again*

*Sleepy Bird and Magic Socks head home, saying their thank yous*

Crazy Comet: C’mon, Blue! We got some building to do! *runs, then stops when he realizes that Blue isn’t following him* Aren’t you going to stay here for a while?

Blue Skull: *smiles* As much as I want to hang with you, Imma gonna stay with the CB group for now.

Nice Sword: *smiles sadly* You might be going, Blue… but.. I’m… I’m staying in 24 Carrot Island.

CB Group: What?!

Nice Sword: You heard me. I’m staying. Look around you. There is a town that needs to be rebuilt. Shy Sky needs me to be here. *sits down* You know, we had a nice ride together. We got to escape the madhouse, we made new friends, well- enemies too, and… you know, I think it’s about time for me to move on. I got a whole life ahead of me, and this, right now, is where it continues. *hugs Quiet and Sasha and shakes hands with the boys*

Quiet Snake: Gabriella, I’ll miss you.

Bendy Tornado: Bye there, Sword.

Blue Skull: Peace, girl.

Sasha: Adios.

Nice Sword: *hugs CB last, especially tight* Miranda, thank you for being such a great friend. You really helped shape me for whom I’m destined to be.

Curious Bee: Goodbye, Nice Gabriella Sword. I’ll miss you too.

*Nice Sword turns to run off, looks back one last time, and runs to the farm*

Curious Bee: We must be on our ways too.

Bendy Tornado: There’s more places to be discovered.

Blue Skull: More people… *thinks* Oh! I just remembered! When I ended up in the smelter room, I met these two kids. They look like they’re ghosts, like you are Sasha.

Sasha: *blinks* Really?!

Blue Skull: Yeah… but something doesn’t feel right about them. They were very interested in Miranda.

Sasha: *blinks* What did they look like?!

Blue Skull: They appear to be brother and sister. The boy had a black Mohawk, a skull striped shirt with black shorts. His face is as pale as the moon. Then, the girl, she had sleek, long black hair with a messy bang on the top, She had a skull shirt underneath a green hoodie, and she wore a black skirt. She also has a very pale face.

Sasha: Did they say their names?!

Blue Skull: They didn’t say. They’re ghosts, but something doesn’t feel right about them. It was almost as if a dark aura blankets them. If this is true, then they could be after Curious Bee! And Sasha, they mentioned you too! They asked me if Im a friend of yours. You probably knew them!

Sasha: *voice wavering off a little bit* But- how?! That’s impossible! *goes down on knees* You mean they’re here?! I thought they disappeared after I had gone looking for you, Miranda. Oh-oh my gosh. Those two you met, Blue Skull, were my two friends from the dead: Cameron and Marcus.

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21 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 20- If One Joins, then Another Goes

    • I know, this episode brings a lot of stuff in the mind. Happy because the trapped kids are free, sad that Nice Sword left, and scared to see what this Cameron and Marcus duo are going to do next.

  1. I LOVE THIS EPISODE. I just read it over.

    My blog is named Poptropicatime, but I can’t figure out how to get things onto the top menu bar. Hmm… I’ve already made a walkthrough, and I started from the first island: Early Poptropica. It might not be great because I started and finished it today, so….pretty much. XD

  2. Go read the paragraph on the login page on It will say that every wordpress account is a gravatar account. EVEN a gravatar account IS a wordpress account. ITS TRUE I logged into wordpress with my gravatar username and gravatar password and it still worked.

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