They’ve finished! :o

So the Creators posted the first ten finishers!

1. Shiny Star
2. Mighty Coyote
3. Golden Lightning
4. Thirsty Sky
5. Grumpy Icicle
6. Shaky Raptor
7. Lone Wolf
8. Fearless Tornado
9. Brave Berry
10. Super Bean
Hmm. I don’ usually do these types of posts, so  guess… congratulations? Hopefully non-members will be able to play soon! ^_^

3 thoughts on “They’ve finished! :o

  1. We were so close to winning!! Look at the names! Coyote, Tornado, Brave, Thunder, Lightning. So close to Neat Coyote, Clean Tornado, Brave Tomato, Super Thunder, and Silver Lightning (my other poptropican). Why couldn’t it have been us :cry:?

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