A Ghostly Contest for Blimps with chats with mosquitos

Yay, I’m so happy, I’m totally thirteen! This is one of those happy moments when you’re so glad you’re the age you are. Anyone ever felt that? Eh?


Oh…kay then, well, um, uh, moving on.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you a Poptropica fan age 13 or older? Have you ever wanted to win a Poptropica toy? Now’s your chance! Jazwares™, the maker of the official Poptropica toys, is giving away 10 Poptropica toys! Prizes include figures and plushes, each of which comes with a coin that has a code to let you unlock special features for your Poptropican. In addition, one lucky grand prize winner will win a 30-inch inflatable blimpsigned by Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney!

This could be yours!

A couple of ground rules: You must be 13 years or older to enter this contest. And you have until December 20 to enter – that’s one week from today. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Jazwares.com to enter today for your chance to win! avatar image


SEE? I. Am. So. Happy. Right. Now. I entered! I hope I get the blimp!

In other words, and news, regarding the Curious Bee Christmas special, I read the draft (sorry BT!) and I’m just a-sayin’ IT’S SO STINKING GOOD!

In other other news, Ghost Story Island is kind of hard, me and Brave Tomato kind of agreed on that. We also agreed that [SPOILER AHEAD] the first person point of view while you get tricked at the hotel was fun. Also, the “ghost” with the black hood and robe looks totally fake. [SPOILERS ENDED]

Even though I’m not done yet, I do want to thank one of my epic friends from the Poptropica Help Chat Shiny Mosquito! Thanks SM, you absolutely rock! Thou art epic. And I totally fail at Ghost-busting. Also, be sure to go to the Super Chat and the Poptropica Help Chat! Tell the people at the Poptropica Help Chat you think Brave Tomato would be a good moderator-she definately deserves it!

Talking to Shiny Mosquito/SM

-screenshot at xat.com/itsapoptropicasodapopshop


6 thoughts on “A Ghostly Contest for Blimps with chats with mosquitos

  1. I might enter the contest. Might.
    No, it’s fine that you read it! Tis fine.
    Yeah, and also we agreed that when this random lady voice asked “Are you looking for someone?” we freaked out and thought someone was in our room! I guess the creators want us to feel what our characters felt: a chill down the spine.
    I was on the chat earlier, bu had to leave early due to such a difference in time zones. 😦
    And cool!

  2. The voice was SUPER scary. My skin almost jumped off! But Ghost Story was epic. It was like a ghost love story with some mystery. My favorite! :mrgreen: Diffently loved it. Made me happy! My favorite part was.. oops. Shouldn’t spoil what happened to non-members! 😮

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