*practically all of the island is empty right now. On Ghost Story Island, Daphne sits there, in front of her ghost machine, and sighs*

Daphne: Why can’t I be included in the photo shoot?

*In a large studio*

Photographer: Alright, places, places everybody!

Binary Bard: Remind us again why we have to do this!

Photographer: Everyone is here! Well, almost everyone. Daphne just was too recent to be included in this. And E. Vile… He just only refused to come in person, and his hologram would mess up the picture.

Random Girl 1: Hey, you’re on my foot!

Random Girl 2: Sorry!

Rock Star 2 Girl: I’m getting cramped in here!

Photographer: All right, villains! Give me your best evil looks! *they did, but before they were told anyways. Director D doesn’t.) Director D! You know you’re a villain too!

Director D.: No I’m not! I’m the director of the spy headquarters.

Photographer: And the director of B.A.D too, so just do it!

Director D: Alright fine!

Random Poptropican: Wait, what?

Photographer: Balloon Boy, you’re doing great! Just keep it up! Don’t loosen your rope that’s keeping you on the ground!

Balloon Boy: For the last time, my name’s Green Flyer!

Photographer: Okay… One… Two… Three! *click* Great job everybody!

*most of the characters get out as fast as they can, before Binary Bard leaves, he loosens Balloon Boy’s rope, given that he was posed close to him and Balloon Boy flies again.*

Balloon Boy: Not again!

Binary Bard: See you in the skies! *teleports out of there*

Photographer: *looks at the incident* Hmm. Shouldn’t have done this in an open roof studio. Not to mention putting a villain next to Balloon Boy anyways. *notices that everyone is gone* Doesn’t anyone want to see the photo? Oh well. I bet those guys has something better to do anyways. *looks at photo* This actually didn’t turn out that bad.


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9 thoughts on “Photoshoot

  1. When I saw the random Poptropican that is above/ in between Betty Jetty and Athena, I was like “That girl looks a little like Curious Bee! O.O

  2. omg! look up daphne from this post (last name too) click pictures (or images) and BT!S PIC OF CURIOUS BEE IS UP THERE!

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