Now, where did Doctor Hare go? Oh, look, my writing’s all big and stuff again! 😀 Anyways, where did Dr. Hare go THIS time?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where was Dr. Hare?

No reason to keep you guessing. In Dr. Hare’s latest adventure, he was in Singapore! Marina Bay, specifically. Here’s another picture of Dr. Hare in Singapore.
Dr. Hare is always on the move. And you can help him travel when you get the Dr. Hare toy. Happy travels!
avatar image
Anyway… Oh, look, my writing’s tiny again! 😦 Anyway,  Singapore looks really cool. Wish I could go there. 😦
On another note, someone tried to steal my Poptropica account, Super Thunder. Please don’t try to do that. You won’t succeed, and it’s just mean.
That’s me ^

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