Curious Bee Xtra: Sasha’s Story- Part 1 (slightly edited)

Please note that this is a bonus story. This will not focus on Curious Bee, but on the other characters as well. I’ll make ones for the CB group eventually, but for now, here’s the story of the series antagonist: Serious Sasha Rider.


Sasha Rider looked at her bag. It was drooping on the side of the bed, as if it were to be ready to go. Sasha grabbed her bag and looked in the mirror. Her red hair was left down, for she liked it that way. She was wearing a pink and white jersey with a white jacket. Then, there were the tan-colored pants. Her red lips smiled, not yet a sinister smirk, but a natural, happy kind of smile.

Sasha went down the stairs, and saw a face that made her smile.

“Miranda!” she cheered gleefully.
“Sasha!” Miranda replied. They both gave friendship hugs. However, the happiness settled when they remembered why they were together.

“Honestly, I’m so jealous of you. You get to go out there! See Poptropica! While I end up still stuck here,” Miranda said.

“Aw, cheer up, Miranda. I promise you that even though I will be gone for a while, that I am still right here with you!” Sasha said, smiling.

The two girls walked outside. Outside, there was Sasha’s family blimp, with a rope dangling from the bottom of the basket. It was July 2010, and the warm air was interupped by a short, yet swift breeze. Sasha and Miranda stared at the blimp, admired it for its beauty. Sasha climbed up the rope. The rope felt refreshingly cool, as if the summer hasn’t happened at all.

“I’ll call you!” Miranda yelled.

“I will, Miranda! Bye! Have fun in Early Poptropica!” Sasha responded flying away.

Miranda was unaware that this will be the last time that she will see Sasha as a friend.


Sasha decided to fly towards an island she was curious about since it was discovered: Skullduggery Island.

Sasha dropped down from her blimp and looked around. The area was a disaster. There were cannonball holes everywhere, and Sasha looked concerned. She dropped her bag and she saw some extra doubloons, from when her father had visited Skullduggery Island and traded not that long ago. Gathering sticks, she made a nice little raft that would carry her to the ship shop.

She tested her raft, and it apparantly worked, because the raft wasn’t sinking. Adventure had awaited her. She created an oar out of a wide stick and started to paddle.

It took days, yet Sasha was prepared. The phone didn’t ring at all. The ship docked where the ship shop was, and bought a Jimmy Rigger. At least it would be better than a dinky little stick raft. Sasha set sail on the boat.

Looking for a place to buy new items with, she decided to go to the pirate outpost.

Sasha sailed for a while. A wind had knocked her map out of her hands and she watched in horror as the map faded in the water. The boat was wading back and forth. It seems like the boat itself had no idea where to go.

Her phone was left off in her bag.

Then it happened.

There was a shot. Then another shot. Both barely missed. Sasha shot up and looked quickly. There was an huge, ominous ship. Orange, brown, it had many colors. Sasha blinked and looked through the telescope. As soon as she saw who was manning the large ship, Sasha almost fainted.

It was Captain Crawfish himself.

The ship wasn’t giving on on Sasha’s tiny Jimmy Rigger. Sasha tried to turn around, without know where she were to be going, but she ended up going further into the territory. More shots were fired. She only had one measly cannon and it took forever to reload. Sasha knew that her ship isn’t going to make it.

Flames started to shoot out of her ship. Sasha tried to go up to the top , but she couldn’t. It was too dangerous, being blocked by a flaming piece of wood.

Then water started to rush in. There was no way out. As the merciful boat sank deeper into the sea, Sasha found herself swimming. Finally, she heard the words that sent a message that the end was near.

“Sunk the weakling ship. Might as well. She’s no longer to bother us,” she heard a crew member say.

“Very good, crew. We can’t let anyone get to the treasure before me!”

That was Captain Crawfish. Sasha was nearing the roof. Even underwater with the flames doused, all hope seemed hopeless. Sasha knew that she was going to die. She gave up. The water reached the roof and pushed Sasha.

She didn’t bother to try and look for air. She let her oxygen level sink, until she finally gasped water. Everything went black.


You won’t cry for my absence I know

You forgot me long ago

Am I that unimportant?

Am I so insignificant?

“Isn’t something missing?”

“Isn’t someone missing me?”

~ “Missing” by Evanescence


Sasha woke up where she last expected to be: on a shoreline. The waves crashed, providing a soothing sound. She blinked. The sun was rising onto her face, however, it felt painless.

Sasha got up from her sleep. Something didn’t feel right. Something wasn’t right. Sasha dove into the water where a boat was destrucked, half burnt, and cracked.

Sasha didn’t feel the need for oxygen, peculiarly. She submerged deeper. Opening the door to the cannon room, was a hard thing to do, until she ended up flying right through it.

She looked around for a second. This is where she should’ve woken up. Then, she saw her.

Her hair was sopping wet, and it fluttered in the sea. Her eyes were closed, as if she were sleeping, and her face was graying. Sasha wondered if it was possible to shed a tear underwater.

“No, NO!” Sasha cried, “I can’t DIE! Not NOW! Please! No!”

Sasha leaned over her body and started to weep over it.

“I’m not READY yet!” Sasha cried. She looked at her phone, which wasn’t even turning on. She left it behind. For a second, it flashed a little bit, displaying “You have 14 messages and 16 missed calls”.

“Hey look. It’s someone new.”

Sasha turned to see a boy, who seemed to look about her age, sittiug cross-legged on the floor.

“I’m Marcus. Welcome to the world of the dead,” the boy said. He looked over at Sasha’s body. “Drowned, huh? That must’ve been hard.”

“Tell me about it. Captain Crawfish sunk me,” Sasha responded.

“Captain Crawfish? The Captain Crawfish? Man, that’s hardcore!” Marcus smiled, “C’mon. Let’s go back to the land.”

Sasha followed Marcus back to the shore where Sasha woke up.

Then, a girl came around the corner. She said, “A newbie? Hi, I’m Cameron! Welcome to the world of the dead!”

“Thanks, I guess…” Sasha sighed.

“You haven’t told us your name,” Cameron and Marcus said.

Sasha paused. These kids are calling themselves by their middle names like she used to do with Miran… She stopped. Miranda.

“You okay, newbie?” Cameron asked.

Sasha blinked. “Um… not really. I just thought of my friend and family… and… I think my friend forgot about me.”

“Tell us your name, so we don’t have to keep calling you ‘newbie’,” Marcus said.

“Oh, right! My name! My name is Sasha. I guess I’m welcoming myself to the world of the dead.”

“Sasha. Interesting name. I like it,” Marcus said.

There was a pause. Sasha looked at the two ghost kids.

“How did you guys die?” Sasha asked, considerably.

Cameron frowned, “I committed suicide actually.”

Sasha blinked, “What? Why?”

“I was possesed by depression. Before I died, I had a blood exchange, and I was injected with new blood… and then there was the depression. It sunk deep into me, like a plague that wouldn’t go away. I thought that nobody liked me for who I really was. I fell off the cliffs and into the rocks. I died from my injuries.”

Sasha was stunned by Cameron’s story. “I’m so sorry. How about you, Marcus?”

“Well, me? Choking incident. Happens to the best of us.” Marcus laughed, “My story is not as dramatic as Cameron’s is, ya know.”

Sasha had no choice to laugh too. These were true friends. Friends…

“There’s this girl I can’t get out of my mind,” Sasha kept saying.

“What are you talking about?” Marcus and Cameron kept asking.

Sasha’s mind went dark. Sasha found herself in an alternate reality inside her mind.

In the image, she saw Miranda, looking through old stuff. She looked at a picture of her and Sasha, in a photo booth. Miranda sighed… and threw the paper in the trash bag. She did that with all the other pictures with Sasha in it too. Sasha just stared in her mind. Miranda… just forgot about her? She doesn’t care about her anymore? There, Miranda took the garbage bag and the dream faded.

Sasha awoke from her image and just sat there. She grabbed some grains of sand, which just slid out of her hand. Sasha laid back.

However, Sasha was unaware that it wasn’t a vision: it was only a dream.

“Are you okay? What’s up?” Marcus asked.

“I need to find someone.” Sasha said firmly, “and teach her a lesson. One day. She can’t forget me! She’s my only living friend. She must pay, that selfish mortal.”

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13 thoughts on “Curious Bee Xtra: Sasha’s Story- Part 1 (slightly edited)

  1. Epic…so epic…

    I was listening to ‘Lost In Paradise’ so it made it even more epic. The guitar started when it said ‘then it happened’. So much epicness…

  2. Spoiler Alert- Sasha’s “vision” wasn’t a vision. It was only a dream, but she doesn’t realize it.

    • Oh, that’s good to hear. I was getting confused because her phone said ‘you have 14 messages and 16 missed calls’ so CB must have tried to contact her.

  3. if i were to make up a way to die, it would be this:

    wild seagull’s life in poptropica
    short: how i would wan’t to die

    Wild Seagull, Smart Bird, Clean Tornado, and White Wolf were in WW111
    C.T. who knew there would be a world war 111! (shoots MP16)
    W.W. not me! (shoots AK47 Grenadier)
    S.B.( picks up walkie talkie) agent Seagull, do you copy? Over (shoots Ak47)
    W.S. roger that. over
    W.W. Do you have the attack plan? over
    W.S. yeah! comin’ right in. over
    a large helicopter flies overhead
    C.T. cool
    W.S. take cover, here we go!
    helicopter drops 700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000lbs of TMT over battlefield
    B.G. (bad guy) AAAARRRGGGG! (shoots RPG at heli)
    heli explodes, but so does half the bad guys
    S.B., C.T., and W.W: SEAGULL!
    Wild Seagull dies.
    then wakes up to find it’s all a dream

    so pretty much fight to save our country, shooting guns 😛

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