The Adventures of Curious Bee Episode 18- Carrots and Secrets

Brave Tomato: Hello guys. Well, I guess I’m still shocked from last episode, the Halloween special. Love. People just grow up too fast. Also, with Sasha Rider around now, who knows when she’ll pop up. That girl will try and sabotage them when they can. Even situations that could be life-threatining. Well. Let’s start.

*curtains open*

(on 24 Carrot Island main street)

Curious Bee: … and then Sasha trapped me into that stone house and tried to drown me! But you guys saved me!

Blue Skull: What’s up with that Sasha girl?

Nice Sword: I know, right? She’s psycho!

Quiet Snake: She doesn’t even look like a ghost!

Bendy Tornado: Tell me about it.

Nice Sword: Well, come on! We still need to save my friend and Blue’s cousin. *walks with Blue and Quiet*

*CB and Bendy look at each other*

Curious Bee: We can’t let anyone know about our new relationship. They’ll think that they’re just third wheels if we do.

Bendy Tornado: I know, CB. You know, Miranda is a nice middle name. Want to know what mine is?

Curious Bee: Yeah?

Bendy Tornado: It’s-

Blue Skull: *shouts* Come on you two!

Bendy Tornado: Look, I’ll tell you later.

*CB and Bendy run to catch up, Sasha appeared, smirked, then disappeared*

Quiet Snake: It’s about time!

Blue Skull: Man, what is up with you two, lately?

Curious Bee/ Bendy Tornado: *in unison* Oh, nothing.

Nice Sword: If you two say so…

*continue walking*

Blue Skull: Well, this is the factory… let’s go.

*walk on to roof and finds map of factory, fall to pipe opening*

Bendy Tornado: Dang, it’s shut closed.

Nice Sword: Do you have a crowbar on you, Quiet?

Quiet Snake: Nope. All I have are clothes, a Poptropica map, a compass, and non-perishable food supplies.

Bendy Tornado: That’s very helpful right now.

Quiet Snake: Hello? It was helpful on Halloween…

Curious Bee: There’s that hardware shop nearby. *looks at nasty water* Sheesh, who’d want to swim in that?

Bendy Tornado: We’re going. C’mon, Miranda.

Curious Bee: *blushes* Coming!

*goes into hardware shop*

Charlie: Uh… hi. How may I help you? I apologize but all carrot related items are no longer available until further notice.

Nice Sword: That’s strange. Here too?

Charlie: Everyone is. Someone has been taking all of the carrots.

Blue Skull: ALL the carrots?! But that’s what 24 Carrot is known for!

Charlie: Tell me about it. Well, um, how may I help you?

Curious Bee: Do you happen to have a crowbar?

Charlie: Oh, yes! Our simplest crowbar costs 18 dollars.

Bendy Tornado: Does anybody have any money on them?

Curious Bee: Copy Cat stole my wallet.

Bendy Tornado: She did what?

Blue Skull: It’s at home.

Nice Sword: Home.

Bendy Tornado: *facepalm*

Quiet Snake: Spent it all on clothes.

Bendy Tornado: *double facepalm*

Charlie: Aw, don’t worry. It’s on the house if you can do me a favor.

Curious Bee: What do you want us to do?

Charlie: Well, my cat has been missing for a week now. Last time I saw her was at the farmhouse. If you find her, the crowbar is on the house.

Blue Skull: You want us to look for a cat. Whatever will get us that crowbar, we’ll do. Cmon.

*goes to farm land*

Nice Sword: *looks* Carrots?!

*CB group turn and see 4 carrots in the ground. They ran to it, but the carrots are mysteriously sucked in*

Quiet Snake: Huh?! They’re gone! Like they’ve been sucked into the land or something.

Blue Skull: I know that carrots grow underground, but this is ridiculous.

*Farmer Sky, Shy Sky’s farmer dad, walks up*

Farmer Sky: Yeah, we’ve been getting that a lot lately.

Nice Sword: Farmer Sky? Is that you?

Farmer Sky: Well I’ll be golly. Nice Gertrude Sword, is that you?

Quiet Snake: Gertrude? *snickers*

Nice Sword: For the last time, Farmer Sky, it’s Gabriella. Not Gertrude.

Farmer Sky: That’s not what your birth certificate says.

Nice Sword: Look, my middle name was smudged.

Curious Bee: Well, I’m Curious Bee, a friend of Nice Sword… and do you happen to see a cat around here?

Farmer Sky: I happened to see it wander into the farm house through the chimney. I’d say that it was as curious as a bee! *chuckles, then sighs* Not even that would cheer me up. Ever since Shy Sky disappeared that darned day, I was devastated. I can feel it in my blood that she’s still alive. I need her to be homeward bound. I miss her dearly.

Blue Skull: Yikes. Well, I can relate to you. My cousin Crazy Comet is on that bulletin! That’s why we are trying to solve the case of the missing carrots and kids.

Farmer Sky: Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I’ll let you five head on your way. Good luck findin the carrots and the kids! 24 Carrot Island depends on it!

*CB and group go up to the roof*

Quiet Snake: Are you kidding? We are going through the chimney? Who are we, Santa Claus or something?

Nice Sword: Come on, Madeline. *falls through chimney*

Quiet Snake: Alright, I’m comin, Gertrude! *falls through chimney*

Blue Skull: Someone better not be ho-oh-no-ing down this chimney! *falls through*

Bendy Tornado: Well, since we’re alone again, Miranda, I think I can tell you my middle name. It’s… Zachary.

Curious Bee: Zachary… I like that middle name.

Nice Sword: *calls from chimney* C’mon you guys!

Bendy Tornado: Oh, we are coming! *falls through chimney*

Curious Bee: *falls through chimney*

Nice Sword: *calls* Here kitty kitty….

Quiet Snake: All that can be useful here is this kitty bowl. *picks up bowl*

Nice Sword: *looks* What happened to the stairs? Oh well. *climbs low-hanging light*

Curious Bee: *follows Nice Sword* Any luck?

Nice Sword: No…


Curious Bee: Was that a meow?


Nice Sword: I think it is! *goes to bathroom ands sees kitty in the shower*

Cat: Meow?

*CB attempts to hold kitty, but kitty refuses to be held*

Curious Bee: Sheesh, stubborn kitty.

Nice Sword: Tell me about it. *turns shower knob* Sorry, kitty.


Curious Bee: C’mon, geddit geddit geddit!

*CB group chases cat around. The cat seems impossible to grab onto.*

Blue Skull: Sheesh, this cat is NOT cooperating with us.

Quiet Snake: Thank you, Sparky.

Bendy Tornado: Wait, I don’t think we have to chase the cat. We can just lure it, somehow.

Nice Sword: But how?

Curious Bee: We have a cat bowl… and wasn’t that waitress back at the diner holding a milk pitcher?

Blue Skull: Fuzzy image, but I think she was.

Curious Bee: Let’s go.

*goes to Carrot King Diner*

Curious Bee: Excuse me, but can you fill this bowl with milk.

Waitress: Sure thing, sweetie. *pours milk into bowl*

Quiet Snake: *looks* Are you sure that this will work?

Curious Bee: Hopefully. If not, plan two, get a toy mouse. Let’s go.

*goes back through chimney*

Curious Bee: *places dish* Here, kitty kitty.

Bendy Tornado: Maybe he’s back at the shower?

Curious Bee: Maybe. *goes up to shower and turns it on again, lures the cat to the first floor and cat drinks milk*

Cat: Meow.

Bendy Tornado: Looked like that worked.

*goes up chimney with cat*

Nice Sword: Good thing she’ll cooperate now.

Curious Bee: Let’s return this kitty to her rightful owner: Charlie.

*goes to hardware shop*

Charlie: Whiskers! Is that you?! Thank you so much! As I promised, here’s the crowbar. On the house!

Curious Bee: Thank you so very much.

Charlie: No, thank you. Have a nice day!

*CB group leave shop and return to factory*

Bendy Tornado: Here, let me handle that crowbar. *opens lid using crowbar*

Quiet Snake: *looks in pipe* Ew… are you sure we should go in there?

Nice Sword: Positive. Come on, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: Stop calling me that, Gertrude! *goes into pipe*

*rest of the CB group goes into pipe. Sasha appears and sneakily closes the lid of the pipe*

Sasha: Once you get in, you can’t get out…

Blue Skull: Wait, did you hear that?

Curious Bee: What? *looks* Oh my gosh! We’re trapped! Look, the pipe is closed!

Sasha: You know, Miranda, I was trapped too, when I drowned. This is the only way out. How are you going to get out now, Miranda?

Curious Bee: Sasha.

Sasha: Ta ta, Miranda and pals. And boyfriend. *disappears*

Quiet Snake: Oh, that rotton ghost!

Nice Sword: I don’t trust that girl, but what did she mean by boyfriend?

*QS, NS, and BS immediately look at CB and Bendy*

Curious Bee: … it’s true.

Nice Sword: What?

Bendy Tornado: Sasha wasn’t lying. I really am her boyfriend.

Quiet Snake: Why the heck didn’t you tell us?!

Curious Bee: Well.. um.. we don’t want you to feel like you’re third wheels.

Blue Skull: What do you mean?

Bendy Tornado: We don’t want you to think “Oh, it’s CB and Bendy, CB and Bendy, CB and Bendy”.

Quiet Snake: *grimly* Well, you got your wish for me.. *attempts to kick lid open to go, but fails* Ow, my foot.

Curious Bee: Quiet! Please! You don’t understand!

Quiet Snake: I dont understand?? You don’t understand either, Miranda! I gave you clothes! I gave you food! And what did you give me? Nothing! Now, you are in a relationship with gang boy over here! You only started to like him because he saved your lil’ old life! I thought we were a group. *notices a box of carrot teleporters on the floor and uses one of them. The teleporter falls to the floor*

Curious Bee: *pants, then looks grimly at Bendy*

Bendy Tornado: What?

Curious Bee: I’m not going to let a relationship ruin a friendship…

Bendy Tornado: What do you mean?

Curious Bee: Sasha blew our cover! She’s hurting us not only physically, but socially and mentally too!

Bendy Tornado: I’m not going to let a little ghost girl go in between us.

Curious Bee: Don’t you get it, Bendy?! It’s our fault we lost Quiet! It’s all. Our. Fault.

*meanwhile outside the factory*

Quiet Snake: *walking away* Oh… my gosh. I can’t believe they would do such a thing like that. Of course…, fall in love. That will help us, right guys?! NO it won’t!

?: Maybe you just didn’t listen to her yet.

*Quiet Snake turns to see a girl with long flowing blonde hair. She’s wearing a heart t-shirt with a belt and skirt. She looks considerably at Quiet.*

Quiet Snake: Wha.. who-

Callie: Call me Callie, young girl. I had met your friend Curious Bee once. She helped me.

Quiet Snake: Go away. Curious Bee has changed. She has her own boyfriend and I know that eventually, she’ll think of me, Nice Sword, and Blue Skull as third wheels.

Callie: Love is what is bugging you, huh? Just because Curious Bee has a date doesn’t mean that she thinks of you any different. All it is is just a boy in her life. Nothing’s changed about herself.

Quiet Snake: I need Curious Bee to say that herself.

Callie: She has been saying that herself. You just weren’t listening, Madeline.

Quiet Snake: She has…?

Callie: I guess I’ll show you myself. *heads towards pipe* Come.

*Quiet Snake walks to pipe and hears through pipe*

Curious Bee: *echos through pipe* This is all my fault. I’m the reason Sasha has been so mean to us. I started the chain of the drowning, the leaving, the hate, and the love.

Bendy Tornado: *echo through pipe* It’s not your fault. Sasha’s the one blaming you for something that you didn’t do.

*Quiet Snake is stunned by what she hears. Callie looks at her with consideration.*

Quiet Snake: I… I…

Callie: Hush, sweetie. I understand your thoughts. They’re flooding through your mind, aren’t they?

Quiet Snake: Callie, I don’t know what to do. I already hurt them, and I think because of me, Curious and Bendy’s relationship is in danger.

Callie: You can’t make people fall in love. You can help them, encourage them to again. All you have to do is come back. You’re the reason that this is all happening, but it’s not too late to fix it. Go on, Madeline. Fix it. I’ll be watching from outside.

Quiet Snake: Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me realize everything. I’ll go apologize. *runs to pipe and Callie follows* Hey! Guys! Let me in! Please!

Curious Bee: Quiet?!

Bendy Tornado: Here, I’ll go outside so I could get her in. *brings crowbar and uses teleporter*

Quiet Snake: Okay, so that’s what it looks like when you teleport.

*Bendy Tornado appears outside the factory and heads toward the pipe*

Bendy Tornado: *on roof* I’m coming… *Sasha appears and pushes Bendy Tornado, leaving him hanging from the edge of the roof*

Sasha: Well well well… if it isn’t Mr. Hero over here. Look at yourself. From here, you don’t look like you were from a gang. You just look like a flimsy human who’s hanging from a cliff.

Callie: *notices on the roof* Wait, what the…

Bendy Tornado: I don’t care about your words, Sasha. Not anymore. *lets go of cliff and lands on the pipe, he opens the lid* Get in!
*goes in*

Quiet Snake: *runs in*

*Sasha immediatley closes the door, but this time makes the carrot teleporters malfunction*

Sasha: As I had said before, there’s no way out. *disappears*

Quiet Snake: Listen you guys, I’m sorry I freaked out on you two. It’s just that there were so many different things happening at once that it all got to my head.

Curious Bee: Well, you did scare me for a second. I’m sorry too. I sounded despreate.

*Quiet Snake and Curious Bee do a friendship hug. Quiet opens her eyes and winks at Callie, who’s on the other side of the lid. Callie walks away*

Quiet Snake: *mouths* Thank you, Callie.

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Why the heck am I making so many long CB episodes lately? Well, don’t answer that. BeTe out! *walks off stage*


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