The Adventures of Curious Bee: Halloween on Goodstein Street

This time, it’s not a leak! I decided to release the Halloween special the day before Halloween! 😀 Thank you for reading my Poptropican Scary Stories througout the month and Happy Halloween to you all!)

~All Hallow’s Brave Tomato

Brave Tomato: *offstage* Hello peepz! Happy Halloween! 😀

*audience cheer until BT walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: *in a Medusa costume* What?

Audience Member: Nice Statue of Liberty costume. *snicker*

Brave Tomato: *rolls eyes* I wish I could turn you to stone right now. FYI, this is a Medusa costume. Whatever. Let’s just start.

*curtains open*

*CB and group get portaled to another location*

Nice Sword: Oww…. not again. I hate portaling. They always happen at the worst times.

Blue Skull: You got that right… now let me see where we are..*looks at map upside-down* Why is everything upside-down?

Quiet Snake: Because it IS upside-down, ditzhead. *turns around map*

Blue Skull: You turned it upside… oh. Ok. I knew it. I just was to lazy to fix it. It seems from the looks of it, we are on… Early Poptropica Island.

Quiet Snake: *facepalm* I just don’t understand you, Blue. *points to Early Poptropica sign*

Curious Bee: Hey guys, look! *points to Poptropicans in costumes*

Bendy Tornado: *looks* What is it? A costume ball?

Blue Skull: No, dude. It’s Halloween.

Bendy Tornado: Hallo-what-now?

Curious Bee: What? You mean that you don’t really know about Halloween?

Bendy Tornado: No, it’s not that I never heard of it. It’s just that ever since I became too old to trick or treat, I just never thought about Halloween. The last time I went trick-or-treating was when I was 10.

Curious Bee: But look! There are 14 and 15-year-olds trick-or-treating. You’re 13!

Bendy Tornado: *looks* Really?

Curious Bee: Yeah.

Bendy Tornado: I guess I could give it a shot then.

Curious Bee: Isn’t the scene of Halloween great?

Bendy Tornado: Yeah it is.

Blue Skull: Isn’t it?

Bendy Tornado: *sarcastically* Wonderful.

Random Kid: Hey, why aren’t you in a costume?

Quiet Snake: Oh crud! We aren’t wearing any costumes! I’ll fix that! *pulls out costumes out of bag*

Nice Sword: You have everything in that bag. O_O

Quiet Snake: Let’s see… oh, here’s the one I want to be! *grabs angel costume and throws Creepy Countess costume to Nice Sword* Here, you can have this one.

Nice Sword: *looks at costume* I don’t know if I should be thankful or insulted.

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s the perfect one for you, Blue! *throws costume*

Blue Skull: *Looks at costume* A cowboy?? Are you kidding me?

Quiet Snake: Oh! Here’s one for you, Bendy! *throws costume*

Bendy Tornado: A rock star. Hmm… okay.

Quiet Snake: And finally, for Curious Bee… *throws costume*

Curious Bee: A fairy queen? Well, I guess it is fine.

Quiet Snake: We can just wear it over our clothes. And I got something for you, Bendy… *pulls out eyeliner*

Bendy Tornado: Ohh no. I am not wearing eyeliner!

Curious Bee: But it will make your outfit come together!

Bendy Tornado: But… I… fine. Just this once. Don’t go and think about any ideas next year. *puts on eyeliner*

Blue Skull: Don’t you look dashing! *snickers*

Bendy Tornado: Yes, I’m wearing makeup, can we please get this over with?

Curious Bee: Costumes… we all have sacks… check. This is Early Poptropica, but this is the city district. My mom never goes there, and none of the city kids go to the same school I do, so thank goodness for that.

Blue Skull: Where should we go then?

Nice Sword: Yorlando Road has the best decorations!

Blue Skull: But I heard one of the houses gives out toothbrushes. I’m not taking the chance.

Bendy Tornado: *shrugs* Maybe he’s a dentist?

Curious Bee: How about Goodstein Street?

Quiet Snake: Goodstein Street? That place has a bunch of weirdos!

Bendy Tornado/Blue Skull: *look at each other* Perfect.

Quiet Snake: Seriously??? You really want to go there?

Curious Bee: I mean, why not? It’s Halloween.

Quiet Snake: Oh, fine! *hesitantly follows CB group*

*the group approach a cross sign to Goodstein Street*

Curious Bee: Let’s do this.

*The CB group starts recieving candy. Bendy Tornado attempts to steal a bag from a kid, but Curious Bee makes him change his mind. Before the Curious Bee group knew it, their sacks were getting full*

Nice Sword: *pulls candy bag* Wow. This is enough candy to feed… I don’t know.

Curious Bee: Hey, why’s that kid alone? And why is he wearing a flower costume? *points to a boy, dressed in a flower costume*


*the boy is walking down the street, alone. He looks down at a picture and draws a heart on it with his finger. He sighs, then puts the picture away. His bag is more empty than full, although he’s been trick-or-treating for a while.*

Smart Scorpion: I’m just not in the mood for Halloween, Poppy. Without you here, it’s never the same. You wanted to dress up as a flower for Halloween, so I guess I did it for you. *draws heart on picture with his finger* I miss you so much.

*back with the CB gang*

Quiet Snake: He looks pretty down.

Bendy Tornado: Wait, I know that kid. That’s Smart Scorp. He went to school with me.

Nice Sword: He’s staring at a picture.

*Smart Scorpion looks up and at the CB gang*

Smart Scorpion: What?

Curious Bee: Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to stare. It’s just the…

Smart Scorpion: Flower costume? Yeah, I get that a lot today.

Nice Sword: We should mind our own buisnesses. Come on, CB.

*The CB group continue their way*

Blue Skull: Check out the kids! *points to family*

*meanwhile, the two Ring girls are frightened to death, they kept on grabbing to their mother’s leg*

Eleanor Ring: Come on, girls.

Super Ring: *in fairy costume* But I’m scared.

Happy Ring: *in zombie costume* To tell you the truth, so am I.

Eleanor Ring: Well, come on girls, the past has to be forgotten some time.

Happy and Super Ring: We can’t forget it!!

*back at CB group*

Curious Bee: Those kids look terrified.

Quiet Snake: Tell me about it. Even the older one.

Nice Sword: You guys should really stop acting like nosy Josies. Come on!

*more walking*

Curious Bee: Well, I think we got pretty much every house on Goodstein Street.

Blue Skull: Got that right.

Curious Bee: Hey, what’s that? *points to a circus tent*

Bendy Tornado: A circus tent?

Nice Sword: *reads poster* Red Raven Spider’s Halloween Extravaganza. Interesting posing as a horror figure.

*a scream can be heard in the tent*

Curious Bee: Interesting…. let’s move on.

*as the duo turn to leave, a girl in a zombie disco costume walk by… and she peculiarly inspects the girls*

Nice Sword: Um, what are you doing?

Shy Diamond: Oh, sorry! I was just looking at your costume. It’s interesting.

Quiet Snake: Oh my gosh! Yours look so cool!

Shy Diamond: Thanks, I guess.

Curious Bee: Are you going to that circus thing?

Shy Diamond: I guess I am. Nothing better to do.

*another scream comes from then circus tent*

Shy Diamond: They started the show already??? I better go. *walks away, then says to self* Fairy Queen and Angel seem nice. Countess girl got lucky she’s in a bad costume.

Nice Sword: I heard that!


Curious Bee: Gosh, I’m exhausted. I wonder if we could take a nap in the corner. *goes over to a bench and lies down*

Blue Skull: We will be back for you in 10 minutes!

*others walk away. Curious Bee falls asleep quickly. Someone approaches her and knocks CB out*


*Curious Bee wakes up to find herself in a peculiar graveyard. She gets up and looks around for a little bit. Alone, she sighs.*

Curious Bee: Where am I? *looks* Bendy? Quiet? Anyone? *steps forward* Who brought me here? Huh? *bravely* Show yourself.

*An owl hoots in the night. Curious Bee looks around for a little bit more time, and she becomes more determined to find who brought her there.*


Quiet Snake: *notices empty bench* Hey, where’s Bee?

Blue Skull: Dunno. Maybe she wandered off or something.

Bendy Tornado: Hey, she left her candy sack behind.

(back at the graveyard)

Curious Bee: Where are you??

Mysterious Voice: I’m here, Curious Miranda Bee. I was always here.

Curious Bee: *turns quickly* Show yourself!

*a girl comes around the corner and she looks as peculiar as the graveyard*

Curious Bee: *looks* Who are you?

Sasha: I’m Sasha.

Curious Bee: Sasha? *looks* Why does that name sound so familiar?

Sasha: Don’t you remember me, Miranda? I was in class with you when we were 7! We were very close! Was it when I decided to travel you forgot about me? While you were stuck here?!

Curious Bee: Sasha… you are transparent. Are you… dead? *steps back*

Sasha: Yes, I’m dead! Captain Crawfish sunk my raft! I was trapped. I couldn’t get out. So I… drowned.

Curious Bee: My gosh! That’s terrible!

Sasha: Why would you care, Miranda?! You forgot I ever existed!

*a breeze dashed through the graveyard*

Sasha: You never cared after I’ve gone, Miranda! You never called me! You never contacted me in anyway! And now I’m dead! And it’s technically your fault as well as the Captain’s!

Curious Bee: Sasha… please.

Sasha: You don’t even know my first and last names? You are such a foolish citizen of the living! I was Serious Sasha Rider! We used to call each other by our middle names for the heck of it! I should’ve known! Now, I’m going to make you feel my pain…

*Sasha floats into the ground and Curious Bee noticed something wasn’t right. Her feet were trapped in the ground, thanks to Sasha. She couldn’t move. She became trapped in a locked stone house. There was a pipe that went through the bottom. Sasha breaks the pipe and water gushes in the house. Curious Bee is trapped and Sasha was trying to drown her, like she had!*

Curious Bee: *screams* HELP!!!

(near the graveyard)


Nice Sword: Did you hear that?

Bendy Tornado: That sounds like Curious Bee! *runs to the graveyard*

Curious Bee: Help!!!

Bendy Tornado: *worried* CURIOUS BEE!!!

Curious Bee: Bendy? Is that you? *water approaches hip height*

*Bendy Tornado starts dissembling stone house*

Bendy Tornado: Curious Bee is trapped in here! Help me with the stones!

*the CB group continues removing the blocks to get Curious Bee out of there, eventually, water is seen flowing out. Curious Bee is pulled out, gasping for air. Then, she hugs Bendy Tornado.*

Nice Sword/ Quiet Snake/ Blue Skull: O_O

Sasha: *unseen* You haven’t seen the last of me… *vanishes*

Curious Bee: Thank you so much. You saved my life.

Bendy Tornado: *startled by CB’s actions* Don’t mention it…

*portal opens*

Quiet Snake: Looks like we are going back.

*everyone except Bendy and Curious enter the portal*

Bendy Tornado: Look, before we go back, I need to tell you something.

Curious Bee: What is it?

Bendy Tornado: *holds her hands* I… I love you, Curious Bee.

*Curious gasps a little and stares at Bendy, blushing like a rose.

Bendy Tornado: It was like love at first sight for me. When I got to know you, my love got stronger. You’re so beautiful on the inside and outside. *looks at CB* You okay?

Curious Bee: I’m fine. It’s just that… I… I like you too.

Bendy Tornado: *smiles* Ready to go back?

Curious Bee: *nods*

*Bendy Tornado and Curious Bee, holding hands, jump into the portal*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: *holding a tissue* So it finally happened. It’s so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. Well, Happy Halloween everyone. Get lots of candy!

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16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Curious Bee: Halloween on Goodstein Street

  1. Sasha will appear more often throughout the series, so I added her to the character chart on the official guide page. 😉

  2. sad thing though: i can’t go trick-or-treating because too tall. so, I’ll just buy like 3 or 4 bags of candy, pour into a trick-or-treat bag, and count them out

  3. WAAAAAH! *Looks at Halloween special* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why’d you have to make it so sad? I even got FLOWER POWER and might dress up like that for Halloween! It’s just so sad! “Halloween’s just not the same without you, Poppy!” DEFINETLY MADE ME CRY!

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