Scarlett The Spy, Episode Three- A Pirate Problem: Part One

Friendly Dragon- Yay, we finally moved on to Episode 3! Anyway, let’s get on with the show.

Scarlett- I’ve been on this boat for sooo long!  When am I going to get off!

Friendly Dragon- Just then, the boat stopped.

Scarlett- Finally! I don’t care what island this is, I just HAVE to get off this boat.

Friendly Dragon- So she ran off the boat…

Scarlett- Hmm, Fort Ridley? I wonder what problem they might have here (everyone has a problem, right?) *walks a little further* Oh. My. Gosh! Just look at that fort. They definitely need help.

Scarlett (to the guard)- Excuse me, could you please tell me why this place is so… beat up?

Guard- Well, Captain Crawfish mainly inflicted these on us. We were going to repair the buildings, but then more pirates started coming and shooting. We need to drive the pirates away before we can repair it!

Scarlett- Pirates? I see. Well, pirates aren’t really my thing, but, I guess I should help. I just need a ship. Does anyone have a ship.

Merchant- Wait! I do! It’s a bit battered, though.

Wife- Honey, you gave it to that person who saved us from Captain Crawfish.

Merchant- No, I have another.

Wife Really, dear, how many ships do you need to go through to start taking care of ’em?

Scarlet- Anyway, I don’t mind if it’s not in great shape. Can it sail?

Merchant- Er… well, now that you mention it…

Scarlett- No? D:

Merchant- It sails! But it’s very slow.

Scarlett- Guess I’ll need to trade.

Friendly Dragon- See you next time! Sorry for the abrupt ending! 😦


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