Ahh, a new minigame!

Robot (or rather, Game Show Island) themed minigames FTW! The creators have posted about it on the blog-

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our new, Game Show Island-themed mini-game is now available! Just log onto Poptropica and go to your travel map to start climbing the Money Ladder!

This is a fun new trivia game that will test your smarts. If you need a little help, try calling one of the robot experts for help. The Professor, the Athlete, and the Starlet all have different areas of expertise, and can help you out with tough questions.Visit Poptropica now to play Money Ladder!

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So yeah, they pretty much explained it. It comes like one of those quiz shows you see on TV. There are humans on your side, who will cheer every time you get an answer right, and the robots on the other side will boo. When you get an answer wrong, vice-versa. Here are some screenshots-
Click on it to see it properly ^^

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