Mystery Train Island Walkthrough/Guide! Part One

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Go to Mystery Train if you’re not already there. Then, walk over to the guy pushing hard on something. Can you believe it? It’s Thomas Edison! Talk to him. He wants you to help him with his ramp. So… Do it! This is the order to make the ramp work:

And… Yay! For being so nice and helping him, you get to go on the train with him! All aboard!

So, get on the train, talk to people, meet people. Most of them are famous. However, be sure to speak to him:

Oh no! The wheel isn’t working! He’ll give you a telegram message. Now go left, to meet more people. S.B. Anthony will give you a pamphlet… And be sure to meet EVERYONE. Several other people will give you things, like newspapers.

Finally, go meet Mr. Edison. He got his machine ready, and wants to test it out! And then… It’s working! But disaster strikes. Because just as he leaves to get e reporter… The train curves, and goes into a tunnel. And momentarily, the light is gone! And when th light is back, the machine is stolen. Then Mr. Edison comes back…

And so… You’re on the case. Talk to the reporter. Apparently Twain had a secret compartment. Go ask more people around. And to get to talk everyone, what I did was start from the right, all the way, and work my way to the back of the train.

Start this again every tim someone gives you a new clue. S.B. Anthony said that Tesla has been locked in his cabin the whole time. So go right, and start asking again.

Now, Gustave Eiffel said that he heard a cabin door open and close when the train went into the tunnel. Was it Tesla’s?

And when you go to Mark Twain. he gets… Quite suspicious when you mention the secret compartment.

So tap around the walls, to find the different sounding wall. It’s the 3 by 2 one. The one that goes “THUMP!”

h, it turns out it was the manuscript. Oops. But then, suddenly, the train stops.

Once you get out, talk to the reporter. He says that he heard someone running outside of Edison’s door! He might have left a clue…

And sure enough, when you go check, the floor is covered with prune juice!

After discovering the prune juice, walk a little right, to get a Pencil. And now, you go right and start the questioning all over again.

Not much information is relieved, except Edison said the prune trail seems to lead to the Dining Car. Le Monde Reporter (whom I call Frenchy) says a similar thing.

And finally, when you talk to the Porter, she (in my case. The porter is supposed to look just like you) throws the order sheet away, saying that orders are confidential.

So open up the notebook, and using the pencil, check for an imprint. Apparently, Tesla ordered the prune juice. But he won’t talk to you. So go take a look at his luggage.

There are coal smudges on his trunk, and when you lean down, you get attacked by a pair of scissors. If they really wanted to gt rid of you, they would have attacked with something more, uh, powerful. But this is Poptropica!

Anyway, you get the scissors, and now you start asking again.

The Coal Man says this:

But for now, skip asking everyone. Just go straight to the Porter. And the Porter confirms that, yes, the Coal Man did get something to drink.

Now go to the luggage cart, and Frenchy will be right there. Talk to her. She says the key might be in his cabin, the key to Tesla’s trunk. But you can’t get in, so she tells you to go dress up as the Porter. So, go to the Porter closet, and get the Porter uniform. Now go to Tesla’s room.

Once inside, he says he wants a prune juice refill. So walk to his drawers, and pick up the prune juice. Refill, refill. Then he’s got to go to the bathroom. And you’ve got to find the key! Click on everything, and then try here:

The underlined box is where the key is. But first, you have to click everything else. And then, when Tesla comes back, you can leave.

Go to his trunk, and use the key. The device is in there! Frenchy will call the guards, and Tesla gets dragged away… and you go tell Edison. But.. oh no! He plays it, and Tesla was on the other side of the train when this thievery happened! You’ve caught the wrong person!

16 thoughts on “Mystery Train Island Walkthrough/Guide! Part One

  1. What the heck!?!?!?!?!?!? Where’s the rest?!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve done everything except for the second part!!!!!!!!!
    Super Thunder: Go hover above “Island Guides” and click on Mystery Train Island. Part Two should be there.

  2. whenever i try to leave mark twains room and go to the ny reporter he just says fin anything a bout mark twain and then i say no dead end + theres no prune juice on mine HELP!!!!

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