The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 15: Finally Free from Skullduggery

Curious Bee header

~Please note that this episode may contain spoilers, and one part also contains real dialogue based from Skullduggery Island gameplay.


*audience cheers as Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Settle down now, everybody. Settle down, Curious Bee fans. Settle. Settle. Good. Well last time we saw Curious Bee…

Audience: *cheers*

Brave Tomato: I said settle! Well… last time we saw Curious Bee, she was portaled away from Skullduggery to have a little confrontation. Well just to let you guys know, everything is fine  now, we made up. So… let’s start the show.

Audience: *is silent*

Brave Tomato: Ok, NOW you can cheer.

*audience cheers as curtains open*

Bendy Tornado: How long have we been on this island?!

Quiet Snake: I don’t know, about 3 days? I can’t tell.

Curious Bee: Well, thank goodness for these coconuts. *breaks a coconut* Coconut water anybody?

Blue Skull: No thank you.

Nice Sword: No, I’m good.

Curious Bee: Well, there’s no time for food right now. We need to figure out how in Poptropica we could get off Skullduggery Island.

Quiet Snake: Maybe those portals could help?

Curious Bee: No, whenever we get portaled somewhere, we end up back here on Skullduggery Island.

Quiet Snake: Good point. Good point.

Nice Sword: Hey, what’s that?

*Bee turns around to see a ship, even more, a Phoenix Warbird. A poptropican gets off it.”

Lone Ring: Come on, where is it? Where’s the treasure… oh hi! You’re the guys from Parrot Port.

*Curious Bee and the gang stare, flabbergasted*

Blue Skull: We’re free! *goes to Lone Ring’s feet* Oh thank you! Thank you!

Lone Ring: Okay… how did you end up here anyways.

Curious Bee: Long story.

Bendy Tornado: Now what’s this about treasure…

Lone Ring: Oh yeah! *reads treasure map* Take six paces to the east from the flag. *steps* One two three four five… six! *starts digging with shovel*

*two hours pass and Lone Ring finally got out the treasure*

Nice Sword: Oh my gosh! *fascinated*

Quiet Snake: *turns to see a pirate ship heading towards them* Oh my gosh. *worried*

*Captain Crawfish and a few other crew members get off ship*

Lone Ring: Captain Crawfish????? But I thought you were….

Captain Crawfish: So we meet again!

Nice Sword: *whispers to CB* Is he who I think he is?…

Curious Bee: Captain Crawfish! *squints eyes* But I had seen him before…

Captain Crawfish: *to CB group* QUIET! We are having a confrontation here! *to Lone Ring* My good and loyal spy was watching the governor, waiting, for someone to bring the map. *to govenor’s assistant guy* You have done well, my servant.

Govenor’s Assistant Guy: They played right into our hands!

Captain Crawfish: And now, it’s time to claim my treasure!

*with these words, Curious Bee and the group try to surround the treasure*

*all of a sudden, the boat starts shaking and cannons start flying out*

Captain Crawfish: *turns around* What’s going on??

Pirate 1: We’re under attack! Run for it!

*Captain Crawfish and the crew run away, along the way stumbling the CB group*

Curious Bee: Gaah! What’s going on!

*Captain Crawfish’s ship sinks*

Lone Ring Crew Member 1: Take that, you scallywag! Didn’t I tell you I’d sink Captain Crawfish some day?

Lone Ring Crew Member 2: I never did like Crawfish…

Lone Ring: Good work, crew! Now let’s load the treasure and get out of here! *Lone Ring gets on his boat*

Curious Bee: Hey! Wait for us!

Lone Ring: Don’t start sailing yet!

*CB and group help haul the treasure and get on the boat*

Captain Crawfish: Curse you, Lone Ring! And his friends too! You can’t just leave me here!

Curious Bee: Yes we can!

*boat starts leaving into the moonrise*

Nice Sword: What just happened?

Blue Skull: Goodbye, Skullduggery.

Quiet Snake: It doesn’t really matter what happened. As long as we get to say goodbye to Skullduggery Island itself.

Bendy Tornado: *at front of boat* I’m king of the world!

Curious Bee: *with Bendy Tornado* I’m flying!

Curious Bee Ship

*Curious and Bendy look at each other, awkwardly, they both blush*

*time passes and Long Ring and the CB group arrive at Fort Ridley*

Lone Ring: Well, I have to go. I got to tell the governor the good news.

Curious Bee: Oh, that’s ok. Hope we meet again.

Lone Ring: Hope so too. *winks at the group and runs off*

Nice Sword: So now what do we do?

Curious Bee: Let’s get back on the blimp.

Blue Skull: You got that right. I wanna get out of this weird place!

*CB and group find and get on the blimp*


*CB group float off into the open seas*

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Especially the fact that it’s been about a month since we last saw her. So that’s it for today. Tune in next time! *bows and walks off stage*

*Audience cheers until ‘Tune in next time’ appears on the curtains*

Audience: Aww…

*an audience member throws a tomato at the sign*

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