Hello ^_^

yep, it has come to a time that i’m back.

AND I PROMISE (But you can’t be shure if i’ll keep it… xD I’ll keep this promise cuz all of you are my friends :))
I’ll post more.

Okay, well, I guess I shall tell you some shocking news. Well for me at least. >.<

Advertisement Items are now vanished. :O
So I have Jake behind me forevuuuuuuurrrr…. >:U
I don’t even like Adventure Time anymore! >:U

I like ponies 😀

If this has effected you,

Then say something.



5 thoughts on “Hello ^_^

  1. Okay okay, I’ll calm down now. :S Ehehe. So maybe you should try to use a real follower, you know, by turning on one from the store. You can keep it there or take it off and see if Jake has been destroyed.

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