The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 14: CB meets her Match

Brave Tomato: Hello. This is sorta of a serious episode, conflicting with a little problem lately.

*curtains open*

Curious Bee: Wha-what? What am I doing on this blimp?! *looks around* Bendy? Quiet? Where are you?…

Voice: What are you doing on my blimp?

*CB turns to see another girl*

Curious Bee: Uh… sorry. I have no idea why I’m on here.

Unknown: Hey, aren’t you Curious Bee?

Curious Bee: How did you know my name?

Unknown: You’re all over the news. There used to be lost kid posters everywhere for you. It’s almost like you’re famous.

Curious Bee: Famous? Well, the onlly time I was on tv was (unknown continues with CB) when I/you rescued Balloon Boy.

Unknown: And also bad news about the Balloon Boy thing, someone tied a balloon on his hand and he’s floating again.

Curious Bee: Eek. Too bad. So who are you anyways?

Unknown: I’ll tell you when we land.

*lands on Shark Tooth Island*

Curious Bee: *looks around* Shark Tooth Island?

Unknown: I’ve always wanted to come here.

Curious Bee: So had I, until I met the sharks…

Unknown: What?

Curious Bee: It’s nothing. But what is your name?

Unknown: My name is…

Voice: B.B!

Curious Bee/B.B: Huh? *turns to see a portal, Brave Tomato comes out*

Curious Bee: You’re that girl who saved me from the pirates!

Brave Tomato: Yup. That’s me. *turns to B.B* And nice try B.B.

Curious Bee: Huh?

B.B.: What are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: You see, every Poptropican has their creator. Curious Bee, I’m your creator, and B.B. you’re D.S.’s creator.

Curious Bee: Wait, what?

B.B.: What the?..

Brave Tomato: I brought you two together. Two protagonists. Two very similar storylines.

Curious Bee: Wait, what are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: The Adventures of Curious Bee is about C.B’s  adventures of venturing different islands after running away from Early Poptropica due to an over-protective mom. Your main deal is curiousity. Times of B.B., originally called Times of BC is about B.B’s adventures of venturing different islands after running away from Early Poptropica due to an overprotective dad. Your main deal is curiousity too.

B.B: Wha?…

Curious Bee: Wha?…

Brave Tomato: And there’s one more thing we need to talk about… *portal appears, Scarlett (from Scarlett the Spy) drops from portal*

Scarlett: What the?… Hey! You’re that gothic girl I interviewed earlier!

Brave Tomato: That’s story me. This is creator me. You see, Scarlett, B.B. over there also had a hacked name, just like you.

Scarlett: Wha… *looks at BB* hey!

B.B.: Well, that part is true but it’s not the same!

Scarlett: Don’t pull me into this please. Lucky I’m still on Shark Tooth Island. I have bigger problems than yours right now, sorry if I’m being rude. *walks off*

Brave Tomato: How do you explain your storyline relating to Curious Bee, huh? And what about your creator’s posts? Throwing tomatoes and rotting fish?! Audience members?! Those are also similar ideas!

B.B.: *cleverly* But they’re not from Curious Bee.

Brave Tomato: But still! Those ideas appear in my posts too! Earlier than yours! And guess what?

Voice: You have been busted.

*Super Thunder comes out of portal*

Curious Bee: Hey, you’re that girl from Mythology Island!

Super Thunder: Yerple. Tis true. Thank you BT.

Brave Tomato: *winks* So anyways, let’s take a look around… *takes out laptop and generates a portal*

*portal appears, ST and BT jump in, CB and B.B are sucked in*

*portal ejects group into the laptop*

B.B: Ugh… where are we?

Curious Bee: “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Poptropica anymore.”

Super Thunder: Welcome to my blog.

B.B.: And who’s that girl standing next to me?…

Unknown: What am I doing here? And who are you?.. hey! You’re Super Thunder and Brave Tomato! Nice to see you again! *giggles*

*Super Thunder and Brave Tomato give serious looks. Unknown’s giggle trails off*

Super Thunder: Hello, D.S.

Brave Tomato: Nice to see you.

Curious Bee: Uh… hi! I’m Curious Bee…

D.S.: Yah I know who you are. Just didn’t reconize you with your new outfit.

B.B.: D.S.!

D.S.: BB! *hugs each other*

Curious Bee: So, that’s the DS you were talking about?

Brave Tomato: Yeah, unfortunately.

DS: So what’s up?

Super Thunder: I’ll tell ya what’s up…

Curious Bee: The sky!

*all stare at Curious Bee*

Brave Tomato: Ok, what’s really up is what has been going on lately DS.

DS: What are you talking about?

Brave Tomato: The fact that you have been using my jokes?

DS: *cleverly* Explain.

Brave Tomato: What’s up with the audience member thing?  That’s one of my signatures!

DS: Well, a lot of jokes involve random audience members.

Super Thunder: Remember the tomatoes? The rotten fish? Throwing em at Captain Crawfish?

*Captain Crawfish wanders in*

Captain Crawfish: I can’t stand Tomato over here being in charge of the fish throwing buisness, but you too? I don’t believe it. *wanders off*

BB: Ok, but he deserves that.

Curious Bee: (sarcastically) Yay, I met Captain Crawfish… but not in the way I expected to.

Brave Tomato: And what about you, BB?!

BB: Huh?

Brave Tomato: You’re a ripoff of Curious Bee!

DS: What?!

Brave Tomato: Guess who was created first!

Curious Bee: *raises hand* Me!

DS: Yes, but it’s completely different!

Super Thunder: Not exactly.

Brave Tomato: There’s one more thing we need to show you though. Curious Bee is a part of this blog and see that button over there?

Brave Tomato: Curious Bee is protected by Copyscape.

Super Thunder: So if someone copies our ideas, we’ll find em.

Brave Tomato: And we found you.

DS: …

BB: …

Brave Tomato: Stop. Copying. Other. People’s. Ideas.

DS: …

Super Thunder: If it stops, we won’t bother you anymore.

BB: …

DS: I’m getting outta here. *portals her and BB out of there*

Curious Bee: Uh… what was that all about?

Brave Tomato: Copyright ideals. Plagurism. BB is like your identical twin created by someone else.

Super Thunder: Tis not right to do what DS had done. Hopefully, she recieved her message.

Brave Tomato: Well, in the meantime… *portal appears behind CB*

*Curious Bee gets sucked in portal, she lands back on Skullduggery Island*

Nice Sword: Curious Bee?

Quiet Snake: Where have you been?

Curious Bee: … I have no idea.

*curtains close*

*portal appears on stage, Super Thunder and Brave Tomato walks on*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope DS will learn her lesson.

Super Thunder: We only revealed her initials, by the way.

Brave Tomato: You do the math.

Super Thunder: Well, anyways, BT should we tell them?

Brave Tomato: Sure, why not? This is the perfect oppurtunity since we’re together.

Super Thunder: Yerple! Keep an eye out for a new series,

Brave Tomato: starring the two of us. We’ll write it together

Super Thunder: And then post it exclusivly here!

Brave Tomato: Keep an eye for it, but remember…

BT/ST: Don’t ignore the Copyscape sign!

Super Thunder: Tis important! Don’t copy!

BT/ST: Bai!!!

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