Super Thunder in South America, Part 1

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Medellin, Colombia

Status: PHCing with no one, unpacking, shooting arrows at passing people

Hi guys! Anyway, I’m in South America now… First, me and my mom got on the plane. It was all nice and stuff. We got different seats thank goodness unfortunatley, so I was very happy lonely. We rode with Delta, and there was this T.V. thingy, and I saw Scooby Doo, Curse of the Lake Monster, or whatever it’s called. I also saw Sanctum, or whatever it’s called. I forget movie names. xD So I rode in first class, of course, since my daddy wants me to be comfortable, but my mom rode with the normal people. The hot chocolate was good, but not as good as Lady Artemis’s chocolate.

Well, we landed at Atlanta, Georgia, and then the next plane was late, and I ate McDonalds. ‘Twas good. Then, the plane came, and I rode on it. It started bouncing randomly, and I thought it was very fun, but some killjoys adults were all worried and stuff. We landed later, and the immigration people were all snooping their noses in my buissness. They asked me why I had a bow and some flat tipped arrows in my bag. I told them “What do you think? To shoot arrows of course!” They let me pass, of course, and then I saw my daddy, and then we got on a Taxi. I’m in a part of Colombia called Medellin. The l’s in Spanish are pronounced like a Y, so it would be said “Med-e-yin”. Everything in here is in Spanish, and it’s kinda annoying. I wish they could write in French or English, ’cause those are the languages I read the best. Also, they use different money here, so when we checked in to the Intercontinental Hotel, my dad was like “Only one million!” I was like O.O And he was like “That’s 500 American dollars”. Whew. I will not pay 10,ooo for water bottles, thank goodness, ’cause it’s 5 American dollars! So, right now, I’m sitting on the sofa of the Presidental Suite. Yea, I said Presidental. See, my daddeh is here because of some psychology thing, and all the psycholgy people get rooms for cheaper.

Anyway, take a look at this:

Why can’t they do that for my birthday, huh? It’s on the 28th peoples. I expect presents. Also, I’m gonna go swimming in a little while.

Also, last night, my daddeh had a party. With psychologists. I didn’t wanna go, naturally. So I went for a flight over the city.



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