The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 13 *repost*

*note: this blog post had been reposted due to the fact that there was an undescribable weird glitch involving the date posted*

Brave Tomato: Hello fellow fans and random viewers and fellow friends. Last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they were captured by pirates and they were tied up on a post. They were rescued by…me and they were able to escape the ship. Now that I am gone, the CB group had no idea where in Poptropica they are.
*curtains open*
Blue Skull: Great, this is perfect. We are stranded in the middle of the sea and we have no clue where we are going.
Curious Bee: Come on, cheer up, Skull, at least we have a nice view of the ocean.
Quiet Snake: Yeah, all around us.
Curious Bee: Thank you for the wonderful sarcasm, Snake.
Blue Skull: What about me? I used sarcasm too!
Curious Bee: Yeah, you too, Skull.
Blue Skull: *confidently* You’re welcome.
Nice Sword: Great, now that we got that situation cleared up, can we solve a bigger problem: how are we going to get back to land?
Bendy Tornado: Just go where the ocean takes us, I guess.

Curious Bee: We don’t have any oars, or any sail, so I guess the ocean is the only guide for us.

Quiet Snake: The ocean, which is taking us nowhere.

Nice Sword: We ARE moving, Snake.

Quiet Snake: We are? Oh. Didn’t notice. Just nice. The ocean is taking us, speed limit, 2 miles per hour.

Curious Bee: That is a point, but at least we are moving.

Bendy Tornado: Hey I have an idea, we can paddle ourselves to go a tiny bit faster.

Blue Skull: Key word: Tiny bit.

Curious Bee: Skull! Bendy, that’s a great idea.

*group starts paddling with hands*

*hours pass*

Quiet Snake: *pants* Phew! Oh my gosh. My hand is tired out like a deflated tire.

Curious Bee: Yeah, mine too. *pants*

Bendy Tornado: On second thought, this may have not been a good idea after all.

Nice Sword: Look! Land!

Blue Skull: Where? Where? *looks in all directions except direction where island is really on*

Nice Sword: Over here you buffoon!

Blue Skull: Oh! I thought I already checked that direction.

Curious Bee: No matter, let’s try to paddle there.

*group paddles to land*

Bendy Tornado: Ok, where are we?

Nice Sword: Please don’t tell me we are on a deserted island…

Curious Bee: I don’t think this is a deserted island, much less…. OH MY GOSH! This is the lost Skullduggery Island itself!

*curtains close*

Brave Tomato: Well, I hope youo’ve enjoyed this week’s episode. Come back next week to see a new episode of…


BT out!

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