The Adventures of Curious Bee: Episode 12 Part 3!

Brave Tomato: Hi guys. I know what you’re going say, you’re going to say, Brave, WHERE THE CHEESE HAVE CURIOUS BEE BEEN??!!! Well you see, I’ve been SUPER busy lately, with school, homework, the stuff, so I barely had time to make a new episode of Curious Bee. And that is why I’m happy it’s summer vacay for me. Well anyways, last time we saw Curious Bee and her group, they rented a boat to go out to explore the many parts of Skullduggery Island. When they arrived on Parrot Port, a band of pirates came in and tried to loot Bee. However, since she lost her wallet on Super Power Island, there was nothing to loot from her, so the pirates kidnapped the CB group and took them to their ship. Now let’s see what will happen now…

(curtain opens)

*Curious Bee and group are tied up against a post*

Bendy Tornado: You can’t get away with this!

Quiet Snake: Dude, they can’t hear you. The pirates are on the other side of the boat partying like no tomorrow.

Bendy Tornado: They would hear me if I was a little bit louder.

Nice Sword: I’d doubt that. They have earphones on.

Blue Skull: And we’re tied up to a post, so we can’t move any closer to them.

Curious Bee: We’ll figure something out. Hopefully.

Quiet Snake: Hopefully? That doesn’t sound good.

Curious Bee: If we could find a way to escape these ropes… we could perhaps find a way to get off the boat and head back to shore.

Blue Skull: How could we do that if we don’t know where we’re going?! We’re in the middle of nowhere!

Curious Bee: Like I said before, we’ll figure it out.

Nice Sword: How?

Curious Bee: Well… I’m not sure yet, but I’ll think about it.

Quiet Snake: Well, those shwashbuckling freaks have no idea how to tie someone up with rope! I mean, look how loose it is!

Curious Bee: Hmm… *shimmies out of bond*

(CB grabs rope and pulls out the other 4)

Nice Sword: Phew! Oh my goodness, I was getting restless.

Bendy Tornado: Well, we escaped thanks to Bee, what do we do now?

Andy the Avenger the Pirate: Look! The prisoners had escaped! After them!

Curious Bee: No time, we’ve got to get out of here!

*CB group runs to the boat. A very-familiar-looking pirate oddly joins the group. She slices the rope holding the rescue boat*

Quiet Snake: Pirate on board!

Brave Tomato: Woah woah woah! It’s fine! I’m not going to hurt you! 

Blue Skull: Huh? But you’re one of the pirates…

Brave Tomato: Not exactly. My name’s Brave Tomato.

Curious Bee: Wait… why does that name sound so familiar…

 Brave Tomato: But I’m not only known as Brave Tomato. Another universe knows me as Eliza Williams.

Quiet Snake: Huh? What do you mean “another universe”?

Brave Tomato: I have many outfits for my alter identities… here’s the outfit from the time I was crowned lieutenant. Very odd, I know. Oh and here’s the… bunny suit?

Nice Sword: *giggles*

Bendy Tornado: Not funny, Sword.

Brave Tomato: Oh! And here’s my other Brave Tomato outfit!

Quiet Snake: Wow! That looks so cool! And… different.

Brave Tomato: I know, I know.

Curious Bee: Well, thanks for saving us, BT.

Bendy Tornado: You’re welcome. For what?

Curious Bee: Not you, Bendy. I’m talking to Brave.

Brave Tomato: No prob. Well, I got to go. I have to become Eliza and join the party.

Bendy Tornado: ???

Brave Tomato: Well, I have no time to explain, so bye! *portals herself out of Poptropica*

Quiet Snake: What a weird girl.

Curious Bee: But she saved us, that’s what matters most.

Quiet Snake: Well, I guess so.

Blue Skull: Well, I think we have a bigger problem than finding out who the heck she is…

Nice Sword: Yes?

Blue Skull: Where in Poptropica are we?!

*dramatic pause* *curtains close*

*Brave Tomato walks on stage*

Brave Tomato: Well, that was a little… overdramatic! Since it’s summer vacay now, I will have the oppurtunity to post more CB. Catcha later! *runs off stage*

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