i changed my mind! :D (about the goodbye post)

I’m coming back.

I have lived here for a long time.

and I seriously LOVE everyone!

All of you aren’t like my classmates.


I’m staying.

But what am I supposed to write about?

Oh yeah!
(PS: I’m not playing poptropica as much, but i’ll try for you guys! :)) (Oh and I’ll just go see stuff from the creators blog :D)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Play Shrink Shot now!

Want to get a sneak preview of Shrink Ray Island and win some cool prizes at the same time? Then visit the Poptropica travel map and check out the new “Shrink Shot” game!

The object of the game is to bounce your miniaturized Poptropican around a room, causing as much mayhem as you can to rack up big points. Achieving high scores will earn you bonus powers that will help you score even more points! Can you unlock all of the upgrades and win the grand prize?

Visit Poptropica now to play Shrink Shot!

avatar image

That’s pretty awesome, compared to what I play on Wizard 101. (THAT STUPID FREAKING TARGET!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Balloon Boy returns?

Not exactly. But don’t be surprised if you see more and more Poptropicans toting around this balloon in the days to come.

avatar image

Hades has FINALLY posted for once.
Maybe he took too many souls and then he found some spare time to do this…. Hmmm.

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