Duct taped Island


As you all know, Red Dragon Island will come out on June 2nd. I have the walkthrough right above this post *points* for you to use if you need it. Anyway, for now it’s shut out for non Members. You guys wanna know how they’re keeping it sealed? No? Well, I’m telling you anyway. Duct Tape. *flashback occurs*

May 31, 2011, 9:30ish Western Time

Teacher: And now, we’ll hear from Izzy about Artemis!

Me: It’s not Izzy.

Teacher: Report please.

Me: *in front of class* Well, Artemis was the Greek Goddess of the moon and HUnt, and she was a vir-

Teacher: -She was a virgin goddess! Did you guys also know that she once destroyed a-

Me: -Um, this is my report! She destroyed a man for seeing her while she was taking a bath in a lake, and-

Teacher: -She was really nice to maidens, but she didn’t like men.

Me: Um, do you have Duct tape? Can I borrow some?

Teacher: Sure. *gives*

Me: *rips tape and tapes teacher’s mouth shut*

Class and Teacher laugh. Note: This teacher is nice. She didn’t mind!

Teacher: Oww. Afs iff. Ake ff ow ease?

Me: *takes off*

Then I continued my report. Without interruptions! 😀 This is a true story! And anyway, the Creators seal an island with Duct tape, and then to tease non Members, they post this:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reminder: Red Dragon Island will be open to everyone this Thursday, June 2! Take another look at the trailer to see what awaits you.

Two more days!

avatar image

That’s mean Captain. Shame on you! Would you like it if I held a piece of gold over you, and said you couldn’t have it? Wait… you would? Erm, you weren’t supposed to say ‘yes’. You were supposed to say ‘no’, and then I’d appear awesome and put you in detention, and everyone would think I WAS awesome… Erm… Everyone pretend he said no!
*puts CC in Detention*

4 thoughts on “Duct taped Island

  1. i still don’t believe in that story sorry
    Super Thunder: That’s all right. I don’t think too many people would,

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