The Amazing Ad of Judy Moody

Well, I was looking around one of my favorite islands, Mythology Island, when I found this building:

A Judy Moody Ad. Whoopee. You see, the only reason I do ad quests is so I could get free stuff.

Anyways, when you go inside, you’ll realize that there are TWO minigames you could play to get free stuff.

The first minigame is a game where you design your own rollercoaster and get to ride on it later!

There you get to build…

and RIDE!

And the prize is…

A cat? Hmm… it has nothing to do with the game, but oh well, a cat is a cat.

Then, you’ll come across this building:

It’s an elephant ride minigame. This game is a bit harder. You have to make it through a path without running into any snakes for too long, otherwise, the elephant would get “spooked”. Uh… it’s mice they’re afraid of, not snakes. If you make it through, you’ll get this:

BT Fashion Grade: D-. Two words: VERY weird. Nice outfit! Betcha that would entertain kids! 😀


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