I have to go to dinner, but first, I’ll tell you the winner…

This is no lie… I really do have to eat dinner in a bit… xD Actually, I think I’m supposed to be doing homework right now… Well, that doesn’t matter, because I was supposed to be doing homework a lot of times, and a lot of times, I’ve really been on here. I mean, the choice is figure out what 44783(28d7546)/ 1/2 x 6687/08.777 or, I could be in Poptropica, blogging, and having fun. Even if I felt like doing my homework, it wouldn’t be fun. There’s really no contest betweenPoptropica and math. And a certain Math teacher called the Dean because of one teeny comment I said. We were supposed to come up with an equation, so I did I>U. Well, A Certain Math Teacher didn’t like it, so I said that an arrow would be a good equation. She asked why, and I said I wanted to shoot SOMEONE with it. She didn’t like that comment. Anyway, a villain has been chosen. And it’s not any of my teachers. :O 

Poptropica Villain Showdown: The winner!

Congratulations to the Binary Bard, your choice for the best Poptropica Villain! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Binary Bard will be giving us his reaction in the days to come.

avatar image

Yay, yay, good for you. Here’s your present. *drops 17 math worksheets on Binary Bard’s lap*

4 thoughts on “I have to go to dinner, but first, I’ll tell you the winner…

  1. AGAIN? O_O You know, Binary Bard, that title will be taken from you eventually.

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