Congratulations everyone…

UPDATE: Congratulations to Mighty Drummer and Happy Thunder! They are the winners of the drawing! Thank you to everyone who entered, and remember, I used an online number generator, so I didn’t “choose” a winner.

You all have survived judgement day! Actually, as far as I’m concerned, no one shouldv’e died of unnatural causes today! Except… well, there’s this kid who sits next to me in science and… never mind. Anyways, we must celebrate that the end of the world wasn’t today! So, I’m giving away two Poptropica accounts; one girl and one boy. They both have the dog outfit, which you can see if you click below. Note: these costumes are exactly the same, so there’s really no difference except for gender. ALSO NOTE: If you win, the user and pass will be emailed to you, so put your real email on your comment ! I know that when I don’t wanna put my real email, I put something like But if you want a prize, then put your real email adress. Just comment to this and the drawing will be held on May 26th. Drawing means randomly, so saying “Please, I’ll be your bff forever” won’t help you.

Click here to see the girl costume.

Click here to see the boy costume.


11 thoughts on “Congratulations everyone…

  1. I don’t wanna try. Sorry 😦 But it’s really cool you got that dog outfit! At first when I read it, I wondered why there should be a contest for the store bought dog outfit, then I realized it was that rare costume. Super Thunder’s wearing it too, isn’t she? I saw in the avatarstudio ^^

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