Umm… A living dummy? Nothing scarier!

Okay, so I realized that if you play your Lemonade Mouth Electric guitar closed to any NPC, Thy start dancing…. it actually has some hilarious results! I made Hades dance! Aphrodite dance! I made the mean, rich lady on Cryptids dance (I couldn’t make her dog dance, though D:) Okay, but the funniest (and scariest and glitchiest) of all was on Super Power Island. You know that shop, Masks and Capes? well, I made the dummies inside there dance! And when they stopped, they continued breathing! Try it yourself.

If you need help with the Lemonade mouth advertisment, I’ll give you a brief talk on it. Find the pieces of paper, then go to the lemonade machine and push the buttons in order of the numbers you find. Get the key, click on the door, and go inside. They’ll ask you to play with them. Keep your fingers on the keys on you Keyboard, A,S,D, and tap them when the circles fall down onto the circles with the correct letter. You’ll get the Electric guitaar, and  a costume with a Lemonade Mouth t-shirt and free! Gamer Girl hair!


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